Just recently I've had a problem with sputum getting stuck!

It feels as though I have slimy stuff stuck in my throat, and when I try to huff and cough it up, it won't come up. I can't swallow it either. Sometimes if there is a large amount, it makes me heave. Occasionally that will shift it, but not always. I've tried having a drink of water, gargling, oral spray, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestion? Thank you in anticipation.

Kath xx

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  • Are you on Carbocisteine ? That thins the mucous so that it easier to cough up. If you have never had it ask your doctor about it.

    Also drink lots of water that alledgedly thins the mucous too ( so my doctor said )

    Also have you tried the 'flutter' device or the 'acapella' they both help to get the mucous up too

    Good luck hope one of those things helps

  • sohara is right. Have you tried huffing? If not, checkout YouTube for a demonstration. Good luck

    ps sometimes a good sneeze does it if you swish some pepper about x

  • I have Carbocisteine already, but I've never tried the flutter, although I've heard of it. And I do huff, but thanks for the link. I'll check it out in case I'm not doing it properly. My problem is, I have Sjogren's Syndrome which dries all your mucous membranes up. That makes me thirsty all the time, so I do drink a lot of water. Thanks for your help.

    Kath xxx

  • Sounds awful, but have you tried growling really deep in the back of your throat, it's pretty gross, I seem to remember old men doing it when I was young, but really does help. Just make sure you're in private! Libby x

  • HaHa Libby us old men still do it, However like you say make sure it is done in private. For a couple of years I haven't had much problems with Mucus but yes just recently it is back, Everything that as been suggested I have tried and found some that work with some people but not others and some that don't work for you works for Me. Bless, Breathless

  • Daft as it may sound and what do you expect from someone with my name but I have found a good long laugh really works. So phone your funniest friend, or read your funniest book or even watch a funny tv programme. It has to be laugh out loud though. Dozy x

  • Is it coming from nose sinuses or lungs? Maybe see ent consultant .

  • Julie good morning, I had this and continue to do so but have found recently that using nebulized saline solution 6% helps to clear it, I had difficulty in getting the GP to prescribe it and it takes a while to get used to it but it works I have been using it now for 6 months, only when I start to feel sputum sticking, I use it either night or morning, I have yet to find the best time of day to use it but it works for me, it is Muco clear made by Parri health, they have a web site but is not very informative, it is a method used in other lung conditions,

  • inhale steam and cut out dairy especially cheese

  • It's definitely from lungs. I looked on ebay for the huffing video but couldn't find it. But I did find the one about breathing exercises (pursed lips breathing). I tried it this morning, and it helped. I also use Beconase nasal spray as well as the usual inhalers, and yes libby, I sometimes growl, or make a scraping noise in the back of my throat. That does sometimes work. Blimey, it's flipping hard work having a lung disease. Thanks everyone

    Kath xxx

  • Hi Kath, the vids are on you tube, not ebay! Mind you, with my memory these days I'd prob be lookig for youbay or etube!!

    These people have a number of copd related vids and there are loads of others on there too. Libby x

  • Thank you so much, I'm going to put that link into my favourites list. xxx

  • try using mouth wash

  • Usually when I clean my teeth in the morning it seems to help shifting the gunk especially if I clean my back teeth and it makes me retch.

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