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On Christmas Eve, I decided it would be nice to buy my wife a little gift for the next day.

I'm always short of money, I thought long and hard about what the Christmas present might be.

Unable to decide, I entered a well known store and in the cosmetics section I asked the sales girl,'' How about

some perfume?'' She showed me a bottle costing £75

''Too expensive'' I muttered to her.

The young lady returned with a smaller bottle for £50.

''Oh dear'' I groused

Growing rather annoyed at my meanness, the sales girl brought out at a tiny £10 bottle and offered it to me.

I became really agitated, ''What ,I mean,'' I whined ''is I'd like to see something really cheap.''

So the sales girl handed me a mirror !!!

I mean ! where is the spirit of Christmas nowadays ?



Oh little town of Bethlehem



Why does Father Christmas go down the chimney?

Because it soots him !




Go along to your local group for some festive friendship

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So hilarious.

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A cracker poemsgalore


Oh ee hu ha ha ting tang ..... Secondlife

Singing it now ................. :D

In tune I hope Scrobbity,not upsetting the neighbours are you?


Thanks for making me smile

It's that time of year. smile time if we can rambi

Ha Ha, true of many but of you personally I do not believe.

I am not really bad to her Suzy6 !!!!!!!

How much is a warm smile worth and thank you for that


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Two bob Ali all donations greatly received

Hi Sorry I haven't replied before now I have to say I did try what a ploker Like your comments and others real cheery stuff for Christmas. Think I've got this now!!!!!! Christmas greetings to all please pass this on I will do my best to join in this community!!

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libby7827 in reply to chaslee

Welcome chaslee. I am sure you will find something to cheer you up here when you need it, and helpful advice and hints and tips on coping with lung disease. Just dive in! Libby x

I am sure others will have read your reply .Please do join in ,you will make many friends chaslee

in reply to chaslee

Hi chaslee,& welcome,glad you have the hang of it now,will look forward to your input xx

Fa la la la la! You never change Richard, thank heavens! x

I do it all for you libby7827

Two Bob ???? KotC.....Methinks you just gave your age away :):)

Caught out!!!!" Sohara

He He! You didn't crack the mirror did you?? xxx

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How could you say such a thing, I mean well really Wendells

Love all you happy wonderful folks xxx

Thank you,join the happy club rambi

Well thanks to you all. Can I ask does having copd effect your eyesight and would it be maybe lack of Oxygen not getting to the brain!!! My cat brought a live mouse into my bedroom early hours chasing it around bedroom poor little thing was sweaking away chased cat out. Come morning I see a perfecting formed mouse on lounge floor get a bag to pick it up whilst eyes closed. It was a soft toy!!! Mind you it happens when I have my contacts in mainly!!!!!

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