On Christmas Eve, I decided it would be nice to buy my wife a little gift for the next day.

I'm always short of money, I thought long and hard about what the Christmas present might be.

Unable to decide, I entered a well known store and in the cosmetics section I asked the sales girl,'' How about

some perfume?'' She showed me a bottle costing £75

''Too expensive'' I muttered to her.

The young lady returned with a smaller bottle for £50.

''Oh dear'' I groused

Growing rather annoyed at my meanness, the sales girl brought out at a tiny £10 bottle and offered it to me.

I became really agitated, ''What ,I mean,'' I whined ''is I'd like to see something really cheap.''

So the sales girl handed me a mirror !!!

I mean ! where is the spirit of Christmas nowadays ?



Oh little town of Bethlehem



Why does Father Christmas go down the chimney?

Because it soots him !




Go along to your local group for some festive friendship

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  • So hilarious.

  • A cracker poemsgalore

  • haha

  • Oh ee hu ha ha ting tang ..... Secondlife

  • Singing it now ................. :D

  • In tune I hope Scrobbity,not upsetting the neighbours are you?

  • Rambi

    Thanks for making me smile

  • It's that time of year. smile time if we can rambi

  • Ha Ha, true of many but of you personally I do not believe.

  • I am not really bad to her Suzy6 !!!!!!!

  • How much is a warm smile worth and thank you for that


  • Two bob Ali all donations greatly received

  • Hi Sorry I haven't replied before now I have to say I did try what a ploker Like your comments and others real cheery stuff for Christmas. Think I've got this now!!!!!! Christmas greetings to all please pass this on I will do my best to join in this community!!

  • Welcome chaslee. I am sure you will find something to cheer you up here when you need it, and helpful advice and hints and tips on coping with lung disease. Just dive in! Libby x

  • I am sure others will have read your reply .Please do join in ,you will make many friends chaslee

  • Hi chaslee,& welcome,glad you have the hang of it now,will look forward to your input xx

  • Fa la la la la! You never change Richard, thank heavens! x

  • I do it all for you libby7827

  • Two Bob ???? KotC.....Methinks you just gave your age away :):)

  • Caught out!!!!" Sohara

  • He He! You didn't crack the mirror did you?? xxx

  • How could you say such a thing, I mean well really Wendells

  • Love all you happy wonderful folks xxx

  • Thank you,join the happy club rambi

  • Well thanks to you all. Can I ask does having copd effect your eyesight and would it be maybe lack of Oxygen not getting to the brain!!! My cat brought a live mouse into my bedroom early hours chasing it around bedroom poor little thing was sweaking away chased cat out. Come morning I see a perfecting formed mouse on lounge floor get a bag to pick it up whilst eyes closed. It was a soft toy!!! Mind you it happens when I have my contacts in mainly!!!!!

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