I am due to get a thoracic procedure done I am so scared can anyone shed some light on this please

The procedure entails 3 incisions on my ribs which a camera can be placed. They then deflate my lung and put in a drain which will help pull any fluid/air out, then this drain will be attached until the lung is reinflated. I meant to mention I keep getting collapsed lungs and at the age of 27 this should not happen, however they think it's a problem with blebs. (Don't know if this is what they are called) so they may have to cut them out. Has anyone had this experience before that could help me prepare better as my op was meant to be last week but I could not go through with it. I know that I was selfish and unreasonable but I am so scared that I cannot sleep because of this or even eat. I thank all who replys and can help me.

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Hello Nicola, I'm sorry you're so afraid. I can be of little help except to reassure you that despite moans about the NHS the medical advances in recent years are quite amazing.

You can edit your original post and add the actual procedure you're having done and then some folks here may be able to share their experiences and reassure you.

All the very best, P

Thank you I have written some more about the procedure in which I was told by the nhs

I had this procedure done two years ago I'm not goin to lie the procedure itself is not painful as you will be sleeping but it is an extremely painful next few days they spray the lung with an adhesive and staple the blebs off you will only have three small incisions as it's done by keyhole bt I would rather suffer a few weeks pan and being uncomfortable as my lung collapsing every other month I was 32 the first time my lung collapsed and thn again a year later and that was when they decided to perform the pluerodisis I was like you terrified bt as the sayin goes no pain mo gain lol hope you get on alright when u gt it done :)

Thank you for your reply, I am still so scared but I know it's for the best. I just don't understand why my lung keeps collapsing and the fact that I was told something completely different from my gp about the procedure. It must happen and I know this I just can't seem to shake off the fear I have

Speak with your surgeon he will explain it a lot better x is it VATS pluerodisis that goin to be performed ?

Yes I think so

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