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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Whenever you look in the mirror

are you bothered by what you can see?

A pimple, a blemish, or even dry skin -

or do you look flawless - maybe?

There are so many rules about beauty,

should we care about what people say?

Is it wrong to wear day cream at night?

Or even wear night cream by day?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

the gurus all advocate this.

They think you have time by the hour,

I think they're taking the p**s!!

So as we get older dear ladies,

oh, don't forget gentlemen too,

we do all we can to keep looking good,

and cover our bodies with goo!

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I recommend No 7's Restore & Renew . . .


Nah, I think I need polyfilla myself ;-)


There's nothing more moisturising than water! he he I refuse to pay for a product that is 95% water, so only use water unless I've been wearing makeup. Sleeping most of the time means I don't get seen very often. Loved the poem x Dozy

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No goo on this planet would fix me LOL. :)


Clean pure water to enhance any looks poemsgalore



Yep, I drink a lot of water, fruit juice, the recommended 3 cups of coffee a day and one cup of redbush or green tea. But I still need moisturiser occasionally.

Kath xx


thank you x


My Foster Mother had a girl she was fostering before me apparently. she was very pretty and always admiring herself and was one for the men I the church.

I never look in the mirror unless it is neccersary, even to this day. the thing I did when I moved into my Foster Mothers I turned all the mirrors facing the wall, I don't dothat today but I avoid looking in them.

Jan apparently the prevouis girl became a prostitute, she came from an attress family.


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