Deteriorating mobility

Hi I am on this site to hopefully find some info on bronchiectasis which my father aged 83 suffers from. His health has been deteriorating and it's difficult to watch. He's on mucodyne now but has lots of sputum and several admissions this year but we are managing this better. Mobility reducing quickly. He had a fall this morning and is being admitted to hospital as i write. Feeling helpless as nobody wants to know. Any help/tips welcome!

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Oh so sorry to hear this. I'm sure someone will come on here and give you some advise. Take care. Stay strong for your Father.

So sorry to hear about your father. Perhaps the blf helpline (click on the red balloon) on Monday morning to give you some advise. Take good care with love TAD x

Thanks for your responses. I will make the call on monday. Have been crying out for help all week but nobody would listen so hopefully a hospital admission might get us somewhere.

Hope you find some answers. Let us know how you get on.

Lotsofquestions. I would ask your GP to refer your dad to a consultant AND to a pulmonary nurses team. Also I woudl ask the GP and consultant to provide you with sputum pots, so your dad can have its mucus analysed to see if there's a bug that needs dealing with.

The pulmonary nurse can also refer your dad to a physiotherapist who can teach your dad to cough up the excess mucus - there are techniques and devices that can help with this.

The pulmonary nurse, GP or consultant can all consider if your father can go to some sort of rehabilitation or having some physio done at home.

Of course, your dad will have to take all this gently, but take courage and know that there are answers. Never hesitate to ring your GP if something goes not as it should. You've done well to have your dad in hospital. Hopefully, they will refer your dad to all the above.

Hi Lotsofquestions, a warm welcome to this site. I'm so sorry to hear about your father and his recent fall.

It's so hard when a parent you love is suffering. As you say, if no one was listening to you then it's a good thing he is being hospitalised, he's in the best place for care and improvement.

I wish I could say something that would actually help but I can only wish him, you and your family all the very best and that your dad comes out a lot better than he went in, that he gets the attention of the pulmonary specialist in this hospital and that you both get the support you deserve.

Sincerely, peeg

Hi, sorry to her about your Father always easier to deal with your own problems than watch someone you love suffer. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis only a few month ago and the consultant I saw recommended I use the BLF site for more info; I produce a lot of sputum and my infections are treated with Azithromycin anti-biotics plus the Seretide inhaler has also been a help.

Muscle weakness has been an increasing problem for about 3 yr now, I'm more than a decade younger then your Dad but assumed it was down to 'ageing' however tests indicate I have IBM, ( Inclusion Body Myositis) a progressive muscle wasting disease related to Muscular Dystrophy, no cure and no effective treatment. Fortunately the respiratory muscles are usually spared so it shouldn't add to my breathing probs; ((apart from a chocking hazard) just my mobility.

Hope the hospital can come up with some answers that help you and your father.

Kind Regards

Hi, I'm very sorry to hear of your father's problems. My dad is 83 too. His only problem really is arthritis for which he is now on steroids.

I'm afraid that our GPs don't really understand Bronchiectasis that much. He would be better if his GP referred him to a respiratory consultant. If he has been diagnosed, I assume that he has had a CT scan. I take Mucodyne, Azithromycin and have Tiotropium inhaler, and Seretide and Salbutamol. I hope he soon gets some proper treatment. xx

Hopefully your father will be referred to a lung function clinic in your area, if not start asking why not. Do try the BLF helpline, I'm sure they will come up with the answers to all your questions. Good luck to you all. Lizzy

Thanks everyone for responding. Hes had a CT and attends respiratory clinic. He takes mucodyne and azithromycin three times a week. Hes also on triotropium and various other inhalers (purple and blue). He has had 4 admissions this year with mobility reduced each time because he hasn't had proper aftercare. It's so frustrating and difficult to watch. Please God this time he might receive some proper rehab.

Reading your last post, I think that you have to be firm with the consultant, the GP and the pulmonary nurse and ask for a physiotherapy referral, and ask for more support. The pulmonary nurse would know what sort of things are available and either make the necessary referrals or direct you to how to do this. Indeed BLF helpline 03000 030 555 is a good idea (open weekdays from 10 am to 1 pm). aSk them what you can do and what sort of referral your dad is entitled. This will put in a position to ask the doctors. keep asking! Good luck with your poor dad.

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