Confucius Say :

It's Ok to let a fool kiss you;

but don't let a kiss fool you

Confucius Say :

A kiss is just shopping upstairs

for downstairs merchandise.

Confucius Say:

It is better to lose a lover

than love a loser.

Confucius Say:

A drunken man's words

are a sober man's thoughts.




Go along to your local Breathe Easy group

you will enjoy it

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Great post whats confucius say about living let live.

Not so good dazisnotsogood

Confucius say: man who buy woman steam mop for present get broken rib. :)

Dall05 that is excitant :) .. What about a nice ceramic frying pan set :))

Confucius say: man who buy heavy frying pan for present better have hard head. Hey' daz we had better let King recover from his injured ribs before we give him any more stupid ideas.

After all Christmas is just around the corner and we wouldn't want him in hospital would we. :)

:) agreed

Confucius say thoughtfulness is good forethought

That break man skull !

YOU !!!!!! Tony

Hi Tony. I would confirm that.

Good one.x

dall05 Then use rib to replace broken mop handle!!!

Very thoughtful words oh Wise One. xx

poemsgalore, I can hear the understatement,"And now you can do the dishes, o Wise One!!!

I woman and say you buy me steam mop or fry pan. You dead!

Your joke velly good King. X


Cant think of a witty reply so Ill just laugh and enjoy :) :) :)

Dorothy Parker says 'Oh innocent victims of Cupid, Remember this terse little verse, To let a fool kiss you is stupid, To let a kiss fool you is worse'. Sure Confucius would agree. Thanks KOTC xx

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