Hi every one, I'm new to the site so I'm unsure how to go about things. I was diagnosed with COPD 3 years ago and have got worse as time goes on. I have been diagnosed with severe emphysema. I went for my spirometry check as I do every year and I have 27% lung function. I also had blood taken, I have to go back next week to have them redone as my white cell blood count was high. Anyway, the long and the short of it, is that I now have a Respiratory Nurse coming to my home on Monday. I wanted to ask if any one has a nurse who comes to them, im a bit worried as I don't know what to expect.

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Hiya Labrucca,

The nurses have been coming to me for the last three years and they are fine. You have nothing to worry about at all. You will get to know them over the years and they help you as much as they can. I always look forward to mine coming.


What is it they do when they come

Just the usual. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation and perhaps a few other things according to the demands of your condition. They generally chat a lot to find out how you are. Absolutely nothing to worry about.


Feel a bit better now, thank you

Hi and welcome labrucca :)

I have a nurse visit me every 6 months. It's a relaxed atmosphere and we just chat about the problems and how I'm generally coping. Mine is quite knowledgeable and I ask quite a few questions and her answers are informative.

I will definitely be asking questions when I see her. Thank you

You need to ask about your white blood count being so hi and whats it mean .. Or perhasp others on her who have had a high white count can elaborate

Cheers all the best

Thank you

Hi i have a high white cell count for over 11 years it fluctuates between 14 and 24 and the powers that be have never found out why so don't worry

Hopefully when I go next week they will be able to shed some light. Thank you

Welcome labrucca, I don't have a nurse attend me at home but I see you have some good answers already.

I am familiar with the community matron in my area who I know visits many patients at home, she is a top respiratory nurse and cardiac nurse. The visits are to ensure the patients are doing ok and therefore will carry out the usual checks as mentioned already.

I believe the high T cell count comes about when the body is fighting infection, but do check that with the Nurse as Daz suggests above to be sure.

Wishing you a good visit with the nurse, its good to know you will be looked after with regular checks.

Best wishes BC

Will ask my nurse about it when I see her Monday. I've started to write a list of thing's to ask her, as my memory is terrible! Im just surprised that she is coming to my home, and that im not going to the hospitalnto see her. Thanks again for your help

May be write down her answers as well to help you remember :) Let us know how things went.

Best BC

I will do, thanks again

Hi Labrucca, further to BC good answer I have a community matron visits every week. She ties all aspects of my support together, I just returned from a couple of weeks hospice stay. She oversees meds routine, liaising with med practise and chemist. Being on palliative care she does her best to ensure everything will be as comfortable as possible. You'll be in good hands, I consider my matron a personal friend.

Good luck and don't worry, least ways do your best.

Thank you, your matron sounds a gem! Will try not to worry, thank you again!

Yeah same as the others, I ring mine instead of doctors if I feel ill and they normally come out the same day if I ring early enough, they came Tuesday did my obs and took a sputum sample she even gave me AB's and steroids so I didn't need to use my emergency pack. Good service.

Kim xxxx

Wow sounds like you have a great service there, hope im as lucky with mine!

Hi Labrucca, the nurses who come to your home are usually specialist respiratory nurses, and will advice you on ways to make life as easy as possible given how your lung condition is.My friend was able to get advice,treatment and home assistance arranged by the home nurse.

Thanks Katie, don't know what ive been worrying about lol! Its not going to be as bad as I thought, think my head wad running away with its self, It was probably the fear of the unknown. Everyone on here has been great and given me good advice. Thanks again

My husband was referred to the specialist respiratory team and the nurses come to visit. These nurses don't prescribe but are really good made sure he was on the right meds, got him on a pulmonary rehab course and have a direct number to them. He has the same sort of lung function as you . Get all the info you need and as others have said write down questions I think it will be a relief to you. Take good care and have a worry free weekend TAD xx

Thanks, have a great weekend

A warm welcome labrucca...

It's good that you have the respiratory nurse coming to see you, I'm sure you'll benefit from the extra support that this will give you. The local team here have been a great help to me this year.

As you can see from the replies it's all good and I'm sure you'll find that you'll be given the time that you need.

Lovelight :)

Everyone has been great, and help put my mind at ease. Its so good being able to talk to people who are going through the same as me!

It will be interesting thats for sure!

Nurses are very efficient in helping you. If you have questions, you can ask them. They know what's available, they can direct you. You can ask for physiotherapy, teaching on how to cough up, you can ask about pulmonary rehabilitation, about exercises, drugs. If you have concern with drugs, you can ask, or about nebulisers, oxygen therapy, etc.. In fact, you can ask many things related to lungs, even diet advice - you could be referred to a dietician.

They can take blood and especially, measure your oxygen level (called saturation of oxygen in your blood, or sats). It's a real blessing that, so far, they will go to your home if you are disabled with your breathing. They are lovely, compassionate persons. cheers for you having one! Good luck!

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