have found lovely place quite close to wroxham in norfolk it has all that you would need it is self catering but that suits us and the lady phoned me up ask what things i needed which wasnt a great deal really just walking and breathing bad but she getting topper on double bed for us which is downstairs and high chair for me to sit in to watch tv ect views are lovely we will go to pub for eve meal so what else would we need place looks great its called .

hall farm cottages we are in tudor room if u care to look

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Hiya crafty girl. They look really nice and they seem to have us disabled well catered for. I hope you have a lovely, lovely holiday.

Bobby xxx

A nice area up there. I live near the Broads myself.

Enjoy it,sounds nice


That sounds like a really nice place, I'm sure you will have a lovely holiday.

It sounds lovely, have a great holiday TAD xx

Hope you have a lovely holiday, nice part of the world, such a boost to hear of excellent customer service

Sounds great, buck you both up, is it a flat area,x

Ooh I'm jealous,sounds wonderful,have a wonderful time. xxx

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