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The Aroma Of Life

The Aroma Of Life

Her cotton, floral skirt

and fresh white blouse

smelled of Lenor.

With eyes closed

she imagined wild flowers, summer meadows.

Outside, her head spun

from fumes of petrol.

She stepped carefully

to avoid what thoughtless dog walkers

had carelessly left,

her nose wrinkled as the flies buzzed.

The florist -

an oasis in a desert of disgusting odours.

She bent eagerly over a large tub of Sweet William -

her favourite flower.

Why can't the whole world smell like this?

She sought out the bakery

where soft bread rolls

tempted her from their cooling trays.

She bought a dozen,

carried them close to her,

breathing in their yeastiness.

She stopped at the coffee shop,

ordered a dark, rich Expresso.

Not for her the Skinny Latte or Cappuchino

beloved of the fashionable

whose long, pinched noses

never allowed entry

to the sensuality

of a full flavoured coffee bean.

Her journey, like her life;

devoted to beauty;

to glorious aromas;

to pleasure.

8 Replies

I love all of those smells but some don't love me back - at least I can still manage the smell of a new book or magazine - heaven! Lovely poetry - thank you :)


What a smelly imagination.Superb poemsgalore



That's lovely poemsgalore. I like how smells can evoke good, or even bad, memories and how you can almost imagine a smell from long ago. Sadie xx


Very nice poem, a lot to be said for living in Austria or Switzerland eh .


The air would certainly be fresher there rick. When at school, one of my friends had lived in Norway for a couple of years because she'd had TB. She always wished she could go back.


Could smell the aromas quite clearly .Thanks


Hi Poemsgalore. I don't know why but that made me think of summer. Daisies Buttercups and sunshine. It was beautiful.


Yes that was beautiful,poems galore.Realy made me think about how smells affect us.

Brings back memories,good & bad,Thankyou xxx


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