This is just to let you know that we reached Portugal ok last friday. The weather is glorious, sunny and warm, but quite cool in the shade, its a case of t shirts and shorts in the sun and jumper and shorts in the shade, its an ard life. So far the health is on the up, not quite so breathless ,I can even take the dogs for a short walk and take the pots across to the washing station. Clearing the lungs out in the mornings doesnt take so long and I am sleeping better. Am gonna clear off now hope everyone ok stay warm, lots of love to Annie. Take care all. byee

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  • Hi Chris, great to hear from you with such good news. Keep on enjoying and improving health,.

    Trying to keep warm here, your bit of Portugal sharing is very warming and does the heart good so thank you :)

    Looking forward to your next update.

    All the best BC

  • So good to hear you are keeping well surprising what the warm weather does for us, (well you) I wish it was me.

    Have a wonderful time, looking for you next update.

    polly xx

  • Enjoy!! xx

  • Great to hear from you and that you are enjoying life.

    Lynne xx

  • Fab to hear from you have a fantastic time TAD xxx

  • Green with envy and not from an infection either! Have the most wonderful of times you most certainly deserve it :)

  • Lovely to hear from you.keep enjoying


  • Hi Chris great post well done enjoy every moment I almost miss being kept awake by the sound of a slapping halliard.

  • Yay, so good to good to hear that you all made it safely.

    Now you can relax and enjoy your 'winter' :)

  • Sounds ideal! keep on keeping on! stay well and happy! :D X

  • Have a wonderful time enjoy the sun.

  • Have a great time and keep well x

  • Sounds really great ,and so good to hear that your health is improving, what a lovely feeling to be able to walk the dogs,again and do little job, Excellent news, X

  • So envious Chris and glad you are enjoying yourself. Stay well. xxxxx

  • we were only talking about you yesterday and wondered how you were getting on, it is something we would love to do but think we are too scared. Enjoy the sun

  • Sardines for tea then Chris?. Enjoy.

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