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chronic bronchial sepsis / more to add to growing list of illness or is it a dieases a don't know

Yep recived letter today copy of letter my lung doc sent to gp for further information going on about my worsering condition.

A felt ok today but feel quite sick .. Might of been a reallty blast a most defiantly could of done with out.

It daid i have irrgular breathing pattens but thay dont know why or if its to do with hyperventalation sysdrone or chronic bronchial sepsis .

Have never heard of chronic bronchial sepsis ... So i had quick look on internet and had to stop becouse a felt sick and ill

Anyway a still dont know what it means or is just feel ill .. Think a nap might be in order

But anyway thought i would share my news with you all

Cheers all the best

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I think given all my BLF post am totaly correct in saying asbestos fiber inhalation at my previous job had done this to me .. Given what the BMJ say about Bronchial Sepsis

Esp after letter i reciced today had said ... i think am quite right in blaming asbestosis

Not quite sure what military as to do with out as never in the army but yep the fight go's on

According to the judge doctor at DWP IIDB thay said the asbestos i was coughing up was from processed food manfactoring processes.

Having been in contact with my MP looks like thay might live to regret that shocking admission

As MP is asking for court transcripts and would like to know how long as he new there is asbestos fibers in food and what is being done to stop it

Well that's a new one Dad. I'm going read your link the morning - if it makes you sick then it might give me nightmares. :(

I'm very glad you've an MP on your case, well done. Xxx P

Gawd, just editing as I used my small tablet earlier. Surprised you could read it Daz/dad!!

Cheers peeg

Keep up your fight Daz

Cheers offcuts

Why does processed food have asbestos fibres? I thought unregulated horse meat was bad enough! Respect Daz, keep going for all our sakes. :-) :-) :-) Alison

Hi yep is a joke thay said its coming from food am eating asbestos fibers are in .. But could not of come from my job my IIDB claim was about

Hows that work .. Anyway asked him was he a real doc that did not go down to well

The fight is picking up momentum I think Daz so glad you have an MP to help you. Good luck as always and thinking of you. Take care and stay as strong as you can. Bless you. xxxx

Hi cheers

Don't give up Daz you can't let them walk all over you and well done for coming this far, I had a letter from my MP today I'm sending a copy to BLF I would put it on hear but not sure how to.

Cheers thanks.

Cover names adress .. Take clear pic then ad to your post

Hi Daz, sounds like you have a good MP working for you to find out specifics.

Do you think the asbestos in the food may have had something to do with your eating lunch on the contaminated site you worked in? Just a thought.

I hope you are feeling a little better soon Daz and I am wishing you as always all the best in all your dealings to resolve this situation.

Best BC

Hi BC nor the guy was full of it .. And when i told him to stop being rediculas did not like it .. As soon as i went in a new the court take transcripts and it was obvious i was not going to win my appeal.

But know it is defo lung tissue have been coughing up with those fibers

Been intouch with few patholigy labs and even tho could not test lung tissue privately pointed me in right direction

Yer doc was being over confidant .. in is refusal of my claim

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