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Holes in your lung WE know it's called emphysema but how are the Holes in my lungs made / Not for those with weak constitution

Holes in your lung WE know it's called emphysema but how are the Holes in my lungs made / Not for those with weak constitution

Yep its Official DWP IIDB are full of it to

Anyway yep today we are talking about chronic lung disease pleura effusions cor pulmate or how ever its spelt and inflammation and emphysema and or honeycombing and fibrin turnover lung Inflammation

Looking at my pictures you can see a brown colour and holes in my lung tissue i coughed up .. coughing up lung tissue is not nessaserly a bad sign as could be repair process or my lung trying heal them self but brown couler is not a good sign as could be fibroblast inflammation caused by asbestos fiber inhalation

But i wanted to know why there are holes ... as like your socks might be ok at first but get to a critical point

But un like your socks you can change .. you cant do that with your lungs

I know holes are called emphysema .. But what causes them ? Ye we all know about smoking and we dont know as

much about pollution or asbestos

But if you look at my previous post you will see a talked about my condition and fibroblast collagen inflammation and iron in asbestos fibers and effects on lung tissue and repair and why am i so ill

My understanding only defining feature of lung disease or copd is cause i.e natural or un-natural

what you have to remeber when reading my post is lots of people have emphysema and live a long and happy life.

In my case i have asbestos fibers causing inflammation basacliy sticking in my lungs causing lung damage and infections

My emphysema or holes or is honeycombing is caused by inflammation and a thing called fibrin is thing that plugs seals damaged lung tissue .. but its a problem when you have accumulation of fibrin and lung tissue being organised and removed

I to asked my self removed where but am only going to say lymphatic system as that is a hole other story

But now you know how holes in your lungs are formed and sealed.


Yep nearly forgot a confused girl on other health unlocked site was talking about Fibrin

And was talking about a enzyme supplement called Serrapeptase.

Here is what she was talking about .... iv read alot of good things about it.. it is used to digest certain proteins in the body which contribute to inflamation and it is also apparently meant to aid in eradicating non living cells from the body such as fibrin & scar tissue.

Once it arrives i will update to tel if i have felt any benefit from it.. if anyone else has tried this or any other enzym supplements please let me know.

A dont know about this supplement but sounded intresting so thought i would share it all with you all on BLF site

Cheers all the best :)

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Serrapeptase is classified as a food supplement and I found this information from the suppliers and also this from

Pity there hasn't been much if any research into it's usefulness for lungs.


Hi initial thanks ..

there is information but its down lost to different departments specialist one form or other ..

Until there is joint up thinking we are stuck to doing our lung exercises and yep are very very important as doing breathing excersises stop the restrictive action of lung scaring ..

And i think thats why i have been coughing up so much lung material as by all accounts if it scar tissue it tends to shear of and i hope new more flexible lung tissue is growing or how ever it fix is self

Cheers thanks


Good luck to you Daz and hoping all goes well for you in the future. xxxx


Cheers thanks


Really enjoy your posts, they give me hope, and so very interesting,Thanks Daz,Heather.X


Hi cheers glad you find them informative interesting .. cheers all the best :)


I have been thinking about the Serrapeptase myself Daz it says its a natural anti inflammatory, for myself I need to investigate it further as not checked fully the drug interactions.

This sounds promising for other inflammatory health issues too :

I am trialling the NAC at the moment, when I've finished that course, I may try the serrapeptase it may be a very handy supplement to have in the cupboard I think.

Bes wishes Bc

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Hi BC a would talk to GP first a would been thinking ad be cautious of using it .. As we have lung condions and was thinking it might affect sealing of holes thus not stop the bleeding from our lungs as its some thing to do with clotting .. Last thing we need is more problems

Think al stick to B12 as helps fight cancers and helps if a gas retainer.

Cheers all the best


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