Getting over pneumonia

I am starting to get worried My certificate runs out on monday, and I am still quite tired and get breathless very easily. I am going back to the doctors on Friday hoping He may sign me off again. Nothing has been sorted out in terms of what i can do as a phased return to work and I am not sure myself what I can do. the effort of getting up taking meds and having breakfast seems enough some mornings and the prospect of smartening myself up and putting on a happy face for the office seems unthinkable. I suppose I will have to face it again sometime.

I do not know what to do for the best less hours each day or less days either way it means less money.

Oh well I will have to put a brave face on it the thought of going back to work in the New year is a more appealing option but I do not think the GP will wear that one. night all!

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  • I think you will find he will Hopetorun.

    Can you see your GP before Friday, in order to let your boss know in good time, that you are still not fit to work?

    Pneumonia will leave you tired and weak for some time, and should you attempt to return before your body is ready,

    you may find yourself signed off again anyway.

    Ask yourself,

    Am I performing as I should?

    Will I last the day out yet alone a week?

    Be good to yourself for once, as so often we put work before our health.

    xx Ros xx

  • Many thanks Ros think I had the bed time blues or the nighttime terrors OH no Work!!! I spoke to my boss today he was really good and said he would do what ever he could to help me keep working for as long as I was able even if it meant reducing my hours/days and he will wait until I am ready to return. I have been off for 7 weeks so may be my expectation is too high. I think if I can I will put my feet up for a few more weeks. many thanks. Irene.

  • Pneumonia is a major chest illness and you should listen to your body. As Is4bell4 said, if you go back to work too early, you could make yourself even more ill. YOu need time to rest and recuperate

  • Many thanks taffy rocker I need to take more care!!

  • Not only do you need time to recuperate, but sometimes it lingers on. You might need to change antibiotics. Are you on anything at the moment?

    Do you still cough up phlegm? If yes, can you have it tested in a sputum pot. This would make sure you are clear of the infection. Also it would make clear whether you need an antibiotic to shift the remainder of the infection.

    I had it in October. I was taken to hospital and given intravenous antibiotics, The hospital discharged me with Amoxycillin. It didn't work. I had to go on Clarythromycin to shift it all. It took a month for me to recover.

    Pneumonia is pretty nasty. You need to take care of yourself well before thinking of going back to work.

  • Hi Pergola I am getting there just slowly. I get impatient with myself as I am so independent and want to do every thing myself. I went shopping today and to do some essential bank stuff took a couple of hours and have now been asleep for two so I cant see I will be going back just yet. many thanks for your kind thoughts Irene X

  • Hi Hopetorun, You sound like I was a few months ago. Last year at this time I was admitted to icu and spent over 5 weeks in hospital with pneumonia. It took me a good few months to build my strength back up. I was working full-time before I became ill but I was finding it hard coping with my existing copd, I wasn`t really looking after myself, coming home exhausted from work and too tired to cook a decent meal. Anyway, after having 6 months off work I was sent to see an occupational health assessor and she recommended a phased return to work. Like you say the effort to get going in the morning is hard to cope with and I did not feel that I would be able to rush round and arrive at work bright eyed and well groomed, so I decided that I wasn`t going to go back again. I did needed the salary and I am on the benefits route now which is quite a headache but then on the other hand I have plenty more time now. I look after myself well now, and don`t have as much money but plan my meals and eat more nutritionally than I did at work. I love the time I get to spend with my family, two little granddaughters and seeing friends, I was too shattered when I was working to have any social life. If you do not feel that you cannot or aren`t ready to go back to work tell your doctor. Please feel free to PM me at any time because your situation is so much like mine was a few months ago.

    Sue x

  • Hi Hopetorun. As the others are telling you. Pneumonia is a serious illness. It takes a long time to get over it. If you don't feel ready to go back to work . Have a word with your Dr I'm sure if you tell him you don't feel well or strong enough to go back he will sign you on for a bit longer to build yourself up. Don't be afraid to tell him. If he doesn't agree tell him you would like a second opinion as you really do not feel fit enough. Good luck.

  • Hi Mavary I will be speaking to the Doc tomorrow. Still getting very tired any physical stuff I get out of breath and then fall asleep, I do need to get a bit stronger. thanks for your support. Irene

  • Hi Irene. Let us know how you get on.

  • Last time I wad admitted with pneumonia I was told that I would be unable to return to work for three months afterwards in order for me to recover. I would advise talking to your Doctor if you don't feel well enough to return to work. I am sure they would rather you take a couple of extra weeks rather than go back too early and relapse back to a condition which means you are back in hospital.

  • many thanks I think I will try to get a couple of more weeks

  • I had Beijing Flu twenty years ago which turned to pneumonia and was off work for twelve weeks so don't rush back to work.

    Can you do any work from home to show good faith and keep in touch with what's going on??

    You come first!!!!

  • Many thanks I see the doc tomorrow so we will see what happens.

  • Hi Hopetorun, I had a severe pneumonia about 13 years ago. Fortunately, I was working for a large Company. After being off work for 5 months I was referred to the occupational nurse of the Company. She required an extensive report from my doctor. I was only allowed to return to work, at first one day per week, which then progressed to two days etc. She was in constant touch with me my telephone asking me what I felt like, what I could do. I eventually, after being monitored for some time returned to work full time. It does take a long while to get your fitness back, You can do it! I wish you well.

  • Many thanks for your kind thoughts. I see the Doc tomorrow. I am sure I will go back eventually it is just getting my mindset right and the lungs functioning well enough for me to do so. Ill get there! cheers Irene

  • Good luck, hope it turns out well for you but stay positive x

  • I have now been signed off work until January and I am much relieved. I just need to concentrate on getting better now. Many thnks for your kind thoughts Irene

  • Hi Irene thank you for your message, good luck for tomorrow. I really know how you are feeling!

  • I am not back to work until the new year and I am very relieved. I cant seem to get my act together at the moment but hopefully I will improve. many thanks for the kind thoughts

  • Hope things get worked out for you, you are wise not to go back to work when you are still unwell. Take good care of those lungs.

    Best BC

  • I won't be back to work until the New Year and then at reduced hours so I can handle that. mny thanks for th e kind thoughts. Irene

  • Great news! You should feel more able to cope with the reduced hours plan.

  • Hi flibberti I wont be back until the new year when I hope to be on better form I will be reducing my hours. so that will give me more time to keep myself healthy. thanks for the kind thoughts Irene

  • I really want to go back to work after pneumonia. Last night had bit of relapse and ended up in hospital. Really need to get back!

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