Why Dont they have Decaff Coffee on Respiratory Wards?

I know its a strange fact but do people know (or is it just me having dreamt being told it) that ordinary coffee has the same effect on the heart as Ventolin inhaler puffs. It increases heart rate cos its a stimulant. The same thing as dont have an Americano after your neb. Also the shakes are tremendously increased too. I have often mentioned to my Resp Cons as to why we cant have Decaf Coffee on the Resp Ward. Any comments folks please?

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  • Probably the same reason they don't have low fat meals on the cardio wards, the managers just don't do thinking! it is just a lack of care & as they go with the majority when ordering stock, that,s what everyone gets, I,d recommend taking a small jar in with you if you need to visit again & at least that way you are sure of a decent cup :) mind you, we really shouldn't whinge, as we are lucky to get hot drinks for free on most wards

    Karen xxx

  • Hi Sillywitch. Yeah I realise the food and drinks issue on the Wards is an on going whinge. If the hospital cups are the same in your hospital are the same as in mine, well its not a mug full of coffee . And it is free and about 4 a day anyway. Where HAS the galvanised rubber toast and rock solid boiled eggs gone too. I thnk they are used in the Armed Forces as a potential threat.

  • Does your ward have a trolly that comes round? I,d ask for just hot water/milk/sugar, & add your own, I'm afraid my poison is tea, & I know that not what I'm given :) so if I really must be admitted I just ask for hot chocolate :D I mean whats not to like with that :D

    Hopefully we,ll all have a better winter this year & not need to avail ourselves of their services :)

    Cymraeg cariad?? just thought I,d ask, as your name suggests a fellow countyman or in my case woman :) xxx

  • I am indeed a Welshman, and I love all Rock (The heavy end of the spectrum)

  • Dai Iawn :D me too, well welsh woman :P & loved Rock when I was younger, it just gives me a headache now!! so I just dip in to youtube now & again for a quick burst of Led Zep or Floyd :) xxx

  • I am off to see my fave band The Quo for the 14th time in Cardiff. Thats the start of my Crimbo!!!!

  • S.W. I usually have hot chocolate in hospital. A good idea to ask for hot water (although they don't always have it) and add your own! But if you go with an ambulance, you may not have time to prepare for this.

    Hot chocolate isn't served for breakfast! and they cannot do toasts because it activates the fire bell. The fire brigade is linked to the hospital. Every time the alarm bell rings just because the toaster triggered it, they have to spend £1000 fine! So they took toasts off the menu!

    but, honestly, decaff is better AND does not cost more! Think tank department does not work in this area!!! Of course, you could complain. We all should do it! It will be looked into!!!

  • I used to hate hospital coffee - hospital tea on the other hand - loved it and this from a girl who is a complete caffeine-o-holic ! Caffeine does act as a bronchilator though, well that's what I keep telling myself every time I go to the kettle :)

  • scrobbity I hope you know that tea has as much caffeine as coffee! The only naturally decaffeinated tea is rooibos, because it's not really classified as tea. It's a lovely taste, though!

  • I drink decaffinated coffee and tea. Caffinated coffee certainly made my heart beat faster, and, as I already have atrial fibrilation, I decided to stop caffine. I also like weak tea so I take my own teabags and ask for water. Also indulge myself at night with mint chocolate drink.

  • I have seen peeps take their own T-bags in. The staff are very obliging(sory karnt spel)

  • Don't apologize for spelling mistakes fella! we are human, not spell checkers :) xxx

  • Yes Taf it's true caffeine acts like a bronchodilator and speeds up the heart beat. On urogynae the instill into you caffeine stimulates the bladder and we should stick to decaf - on the ward no decaf! I don't drink coffee as it gives me migraine but I love my decaf tea.

    love cx

  • I'll have a triple doubleshot Americano with a macchiatto expresso chaser. Can I have than in a IV drip to go then. Sorry if my black Sense of Humour offends. You get a darker than light SoH if you've been round the ventilator block more than once .

  • Know the feeling being round the block and no your humour does not offend me at all hun - I'm too long in the tooth to offend easily.


  • Hi Taffy. When I was in hospital three years ago they did have decaf coffee. I can't drink too much coffee as I get the shakes especially if it is really strong. I took my own coffee. I don't like tea and drink Lemon and ginger herbal tea so I took that as well. They had Horlicks Chocolate tea or coffee you could even have Bovril.

  • Hi Stitch. I am a fussy coffee drinker. I have found Carte Noire. Since I found this one nothing else compares. I have to drink other coffee outside but some of them taste like they ought to go down the drain.

  • there's something in instant coffee that makes me queasy so unless its real coffee i have tea - i must seem an awful snob to people!

  • Nothing snobby about enjoying real coffee at all - the worst thing for me is trying to pour the new pack into a container - the fine dust does not go well with poorly lungs - so hold nose whilst I'm doing it (quickly, as it happens LOL) :)

  • bonzo, not snob, just true to the point. If you knew how they make instant coffee ... In Tibet, they drink tea leaves, with salt and yack butter! I don't know if the tea is decaff there!

  • We have purchased a Tassimo machine (other brands are available of course) as Pete loves his caffeine regardless of the shakes and peeing anything from 3 to 7 times a night. He has a diuretic at the moment but is only on day 2 so early days, but got up 5 times last night. He has been told about caffeine but will he listen? No!

    I try and limit caffeine as I get palpitations but I will drink anything really.

    Taking some decaff in with you to hospital is good advice. xxxxx

  • I tend to always have a coffee on the go in the house. Frequent trips to the karzee. Ah well thats life. I like Carte Noire (decaf) too. Cant sit at the puter without a drink now can I? At least they dont give IV caffeine up the nose on the Unit. Well I nust have caffeine withdrawl when asleep for a week. Well it is a drug. Quirky SoH again. I think Unphylline is heart affecting drug too. Where DID I put that Americano?

  • Hi Taffyrocker

    I am on Ventolin via the nebuliser each morning and about two hours later I go for my Costa Americano (large!). I have to say I feel much better after drinking it and haven't noticed any increase in heartbeat. I have to have one cup of coffee per day!

    Stay well


  • Tamara, they say that a hot drink helps with the breathing. I suppose because it relaxes the windpipe. Not sure!

  • I've had a blood test recently. The Resp Nurse was joking with me that they found blood in my caffeine stream. Some folks metabolise (big word of the day) very large amounts of drugs and caffiene. Go for it I say. I'm amazed and pleased by the response my post about decaff coffee. Thanks guys.

  • Why don't they have bottled water?

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