2nd Hydro Pool Session. Mattcass

The physio said today what she has read about my illnesses s and what she see's is just amazing, they were expecting me to be hoisted into the pool and be monitored for the duration,There i was up the ladders down the ladders in the water out the water, I was only allowed small distances swimming but all the other exercises I was doing myself,Matt

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  • Well done Matt. The first inkling I had a serious problem, although I had been having breathless moments for a while, was when I was swimming one day, never been so glad to reach the side! Can't imagine even attempting it now. I have seen your posts since I joined this forum and you're an inspiration. Andy

  • Hi Andy thank you very much.Matt

  • Three cheers for Matt Hipp Hipp Hurray x 3 (well for dozy read lazy as well) To think 3 weeks ago there was not a joint in your body that you wouldn't have gladly cut out. And now, how fantastic you are. Oh do you have a lung condition as well, how did the sats hold up or have you given up playing that game. I would give any thing for a swim - next years goal. Well Mr Miracle man 2 (only cos I met Tony first) I am so proud of you. Love Dozy x

  • Hi DD Thank you very much and how are you just now.Matt

  • Oh well done Matt, I,m really impressed, you were in so much pain earlier in the year, this must be a huge boost for you & as you know, swimming is so gentle on the poor old joints, I hope you continue to fight on & go from strength to strength with the swimming

    Karen xxxx

  • Well done you ! :)

  • On yer marks, get ready GO :) Sounds brilliant matt well done you,it can only help you batman. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, thank you I am so stiff now.Matt

  • wow and how do you feel now??? very well done though.

  • Hi Trish very tired never had the strength for the gym.Matt

  • Wish I had your stamina for hydro without the fear of agym. Well done for getting out there.

  • Brilliant xxxx

  • That's great, keep it up Matt and well done! :) x

  • Thank You very much.Matt

  • Hi Matt did you enjoy it? and are you going again?

  • Hi Hopetorun, I have 4 sessions left i might give away my last 2 to someone who needs it more than me, I can go to my local sports center.Matt

  • Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed the hydropool and hope you find it beneficial. My arth physio arranged a course for me last year. Land physio is good but isn't the hydropool fantastic? It improved the movement in my back and neck, which was very limited. I hope you find it just as helpful. How on earth did you manage to swim in that heat - my physio wouldn't allow me to swim.

    Lots of healing hugs to help ease the pain.

    love cx

  • Hi C, It was when she turned her back is when I cheated and swam a short distance.Matt

  • Good on ya Mat - wish I'd thought of that.


  • Good on you Matt "the bionic man" your an inspiration to us all keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Eck thanks mate how are you getting on good I hope.Matt

  • Hi Matt well done you. I wish my Husband could do things like that. He doesn't go anywhere without his oxygen. He went to The Hospice for the day today and I had a good day shopping.

  • Well done to you Mattcass. Was Fran on the side cheering you on? Good luck to you and keep going. xxxxx

  • Really lovely to hear this. Fantastic yeah! Keep going. How many hydro pool sessions will you have?

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