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Has anyone been put on an AntiSalicate diet as a 'cure' for their Asthma?

In the late '90's I was sent over to Llandough ( I live in Bridgend, South Wales)near Cardiff to see a Specialist in Respiratory Medicine. He asked me to try an Antisalicate Diet. Apparently there are naturally occuring Aspirin in foods like curry powder, tomatoes, peas and orange juice. When I was admitted a month later with another severe asthma attack I mentioned this to the Dr at my local (the one who sent me) and the dietitian on the ward. The diet was stopped. Has Anyone else been tried on any obscure Asthma 'remedies or cures'

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that man is not a doctor, he is a fraudster trying to get money out of people. DO NOT reply!


Do NOT reply to this folk. Nothing to do with us! I reported it


I also reported it. Was very concerned and know at times would have paid for help due to desperation for a cure! Not in such a dark place at the moment!


Taffyrocker ,It seems you have been invaded by spam here. C'est la Vie.

This is interesting info about non asprin diet.

For years I assumed that I had normal adult onset Asthma but in recent years I have learned that I have a condition which includes Asthma and Sinusitis and rhinitis, it is apparently connected to an Asprin sensitivity, it is called Samter's triad or asprin triad. A lot of people with asthma have this syndrome but have never been told this.

If you google it there is a lot of useful info and suggestions including the diet that you mention.

Thanks for allerting us, I for one will be following this up and hopefully help my condition.


Hi riverfrog, I have never heard of this although I have had sinusitis and rhinitis ever since I can remember and have at last been diagnosed with asthma. I also have other lung problems but come from a long line of asthmatics. Thank you for the info. Alison :-) :-)


I thought that Aspirin was now replaced by Paracetamol, as Aspirin caused stomach bleeding - even if you are not allergic to it.


Yes I believe Paracetamol has taken over when it comes to pain relief although Asprin in low doses is sometimes prescribed to heart patients and or to help prevent blood clots.

Asprin is a Salicylate drug and the discussion here is about avoiding foods that contain salicylate and it turns out that quite a few foods do, I was surprised. I think if you have this Triad Asthma it may be worth avoiding some of them. There are other things you can do like make sure you get enough Omega 3 oils in the diet and not too much Omega 6. Certain anti inflammatory foods or supplements may also help. We need to research this a bit more.


Hi Taffyrocker....that was an interesting idea about aspirin....I have rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma...and aspirin makes me ill. Never thought of the link with certain foods though. I found recently that wheat makes my symptoms worse, but thats just me....lots of "free from" foods around now.

I am originally from Cardiff and I remember when Llandough was a TB hospital and patients stayed there for months on end...thank goodness thats nearly cured now.



Hi i am also allergic to aspirin , found in foods , etc also allergic to alcohol so carry epi pen around ,so many people are allergic to things they dont know about until they have a serious reaction take care Dorothy

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Hi yes it was suggested to me that I may have an intolerance of sallicylate by the specialist. These are just about in all foods so it is very difficult if not impossible to avoid them. If you restricted your diet to low salicylates it would not be a balanced diet.

Meat potatoes and dairy are salicylate free also bananas and pears. I find that if I avoid the really high stuff for a few weeks I am better. that is no wine no berries or grapes no curries or fruits. There are lists available stating low to high content but remember that things like herbs and spices although they are very high you would not eat 100gm of them at any one time so a little thought is needed.


How did that Pregnancy Dr Spam get in? Its weird (Aspirin diet-wise) but I tend not to go near Berries, Orange juice, curries and cucumber anyway. I am now on Xolair, which acts on the proteins in the red blood cells. I am allergic to practically everything. Been on Xolair 2 years come next May. Improved quality of life.


Taffyrocker, did you find this allergies through your own experience of eating the nasty stuff, or did you have allergy tests?

Bronchiectasis patients are sometimes given an allergy test to differentiate their diagnosis. So it's not simply pollen, dustmites and cats, dogs?