Who Remembers?

Hand writing excercise books.

Pens you dipped into an inkwell.

Blotting paper.

Being taught that some words end in 'ise' not 'ize', except prize, of course.

How to use an apostrophe.

Doing sums in your head.

Long division.


Things that went 'BANG' in science classes.

Hands slapped with a ruler.

Chalk thrown. (Usually quite accurately.)

Morning playtime with a bottle of milk or orange juice.

Many more.

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  • I do :)

    But I don't recall logarithms, this my brain does not compute ;)

    So I went to you tube and found this but I am still non the wiser:

    PS I don't think I've needed to use logarithms in my entire working life.

  • Blakey, are you too young?

  • Well I recall everything else except logarithms so take a guess.

    Did you use logarithms in your working life and were they useful?

  • Actually, yes. Engineering design work.

  • that would be very useful then in that role :)

  • A fantastic find BC, oh if only all maths teachers were such fun as this one.

  • Like you Blakey I can't remember these either - maybe I blanked such an awful memory - great video though thanks xx

  • I remember afternoon naps on camp beds in the infants and blue pilch knickers on the girls in the juniors. I also remember the locked doors between the girls and boys schools in the seniors. The spoilsports.


  • Sounds like they needed them bobby ;)

  • Not for me Trees, I was a good boy. I still am. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • :)

  • I remember all of your list johnwr, including logarithms, though I can't remember ever using them since school. I also remember chanting times tables until they were an integral part of me, something which I have regularly been thankful for. And when I was at school we were taught the difference between been/being and of/have, which sadly seems to have been lost to later generations. :(

    Don't remember naps or locked doors though Bobby.

  • This was in 1946 when I was three. Two till three on the camp beds every day then mums collected us at 3:30. And they still found time to teach us to read and write properly. Happy days.

    Bobby xxx

  • I think I needed a math teacher like that :)

  • Maybe he's a teacher - certainly not a singer!

  • but you gotta give him 10 out of 10 for trying Toci :)

  • Will 9 out of 10 do?

  • I remeber most of what you listed except logarithms as they were'nt taught at secondary schools only Grammer in my day did'nt do French either.


  • You could be right fastball. I know my grammar school offered French, Spanish, German and Russian whilst the local secondary school offered French, but only to those in the top set for English.

  • I hated logarithms but loved algebra - my favourite subject after English!

  • I still have my books, various bottles of inks, nibs, pens, dreaded reports from my school days


  • The Hoarder that's meStitch


  • My granddaughter did the family tree for a school project and a lot of my items were very useful for her as they had to say what items could be in use at the times of various branches of the tree

  • I'm with Hypercat on the subject of algebra...hated it. In fact apart from basic maths - division, multiplication plus and minus I loathed all types of mathamatics and the teachers, who seemed to all be sadists! :(

  • I loved those little bottles milk, But did not like, the thick navy bloomers we had to wear for PE. Used to love cross country running as well, won some medals for it too. Couldn't win a cross landing to bathroom race now though.

    Nannyb xx

  • Ugh hated the milk, still do. I used to swap my full for an empty one with a friend so that I could put an empty one in the crate.

  • I hated the milk too, especially in the winter when it froze and expanded and the milk tops came off....mind you even worse in the summer when it was warm...yuk

    And bits of blotting paper soaked in ink being catupulted with a ruler....not me honest

  • I remember that too. I had long hair plaited and remember boys behind putting them in the ink wells.

  • If I say I remember them all does that make me a certain age? I do remember them all, the days before a calculator and using a slide rule as the quick alternative to log tables. Having to do a rough approximation first so you knew where to put the decimal point. Dare I say I loved every minute of maths lessons, the numbers made beautiful patterns. As I said Dozy..... :)

  • I hated maths Dozy certainly wasn't my favourite but come to think of it no lessons were only games and sport. Those I excelled in.

  • Those bottles of milk uuk don't know how i got through my school life without drinking one bottle always managed to get sat next too someone who would drink theirs quick and swap the empty bottle for mine

  • I remember the camp beds for afternoon nap in nursery school, also a spoonful of cod liver oil every morning followed by a spoonful of orange juice to take the taste away.

    Remember theorems in geometry? the only thing I could ever remember was the Q.E.D. at the end of each one

  • Hi jools, think you must have gone to the same schools as me...I still take cod liver oil though but in capsules so no taste...but my friend chews them...disgusting!

  • Hi Knitter, I don't think I have ever forgotten the taste - as you say disgusting! but I also still take a capsule each day.

  • I don't remember logarithms. I hated milk especially when they put it on the big stove we used to have in the room and we always went home with our hands covered in ink. Do you remember the wooden desks which everyone used to write on and the little wooden chairs that you sat on. We also had a block of outside hole in the ground toilets that you didn't want to use when they were full up. The children don't know they are born today. Nice to share memories though. We didn't come to any harm for it.

  • oh sweet Jesus I remember all of that I also remember corporal punishment and never going home to tell the old man id been caned or slippered for fear of having another one I definitely remembered respecting all of my elders especially policemen and teachers I vividly remember logs and antologs but have never ever found a use for them.

    I remember the happy days before health and safety when we had massive slides on the ice in the playground and a few fractured collar bones to go with them

    I remember our school had its own playing fields where competitive sports were played and team spirit being built the ability do something for someone else without expecting a favour,loved cricket and football days remembers being given 5 minutes to shower n dress ?? ever tried putting damp socks on damp feet sheesh

    Blimy I could write a book


  • Oh happy, happy days lol

  • I remember being taught logs, co-sines and tangents, but wouldn't have a clue how to do them now, senile decay?

  • Silly Old Hags; Cackle All Hours: 'Til Old Age


  • i remember my mum throwing warm toast over school fence wrapped in brown paper ... mmm best toast ever .

  • Liked maths - daily dose of Virol and growing mustard and cress seeds on blotting paper- numbers made sense but letters never did and still not good on the spelling- think the 'dictation' turned me off-neither really matters any more but wonder if it was the 'virol' that enabled me to get into my 'eighties' ? :)

  • The only position of trust that I had in school was handing out the slates and chalk. In infants we had a sand pit in one classroom ....a large square tin on legs and next to it was a clay pit for modelling and sticking into girls hair.We never had Janet and John books but the walls were decorated with Janet and John posters that we learnt to read from. We also had a massive brown radio that we had BBC "Music and Movement" on twice a week.

  • Like most of you I have never found a use for logarithms either. One memory that did come rushing back was of one of us boys standing outside the school with a whistle ready to blow if a doodlebug appeared. When this happened all the children got under their desks...........

  • Nice to hear from you Pedros


  • I Remember all those things, not the knickers though. Slide rules were for A level Maths but I did not get there.

    When I taught in a boys secondary school I had to take a class while a teacher was ill. I was asked to set an arithmetic test on the board. When I had finished there were protests - no geezinters! It took several minutes for me to get the message: adds, takes, times and geezinters.

  • i remember 9 out of 10 and i also hated maths loved english and history, those were the days xxx

  • Hand writing excercise books. A: Yes

    Pens you dipped into an inkwell. A: Just

    Blotting paper.A: Yes

    Being taught that some words end in 'ise' not 'ize', except prize, of course. A: Not Sure

    How to use an apostrophe. A: That's a place in Greece isn't it?

    Doing sums in your head. A: We had to stand on chairs last one left won.

    Long division. A: Yes

    Logarithms. A: With that stupid book that was of no use for anything but logarithms.

    Things that went 'BANG' in science classes. A: Lighting a balloon filled from the bunson in the playground ;)

    Hands slapped with a ruler. A: I got the cane a few times :(

    Chalk thrown. (Usually quite accurately.) A: And the board rubber

    Morning playtime with a bottle of milk or orange juice. A: Yes I was a milk monitor

    We had gas lamps in the street too! Not that long ago! Well 1963.

    Boys wore only shorts until they went to the main school.

  • I remember all of these. No one has mentioned the dreaded calculus though - I can honestly say that I have never since felt the need to work out the volume of a cylinder - just as well as I couldn't do it then never mind now. Your little mnemonic Carrieme might have helped with sine, cosine and tan but we never had that, pity as maybe I could have passed Higher Maths if I'd known it - then again.............!

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