Memory Playing Tricks

The truck you dont see is the one that runs you down and I never saw this one but its got me anxious knowing that I just flunked Alzheimers test. I suppose its kinda been there awhile now only I have not looked into why everyone was telling me about plans we made or things that had to be done only they were news to me.

Forgetting inhalers and other drugs was just routine and just the same as breathing you pay your memory no attention until the time when it just dont work right.

A friend sent this link by mail and I pass it on for you now before I forget can this explain why this is happening when I am not so old.

Can anyone relate with my story of the memory playing tricks on me

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  • It was when I flunked the docs tests that I really started worrying about what had happened and I had never even noticed that it had got way beyond not been able to find my glassess. The tests will be carried out again at my home when I am a little less stressed as they say they need more information about my health before making a decision. Thanks for the advise a lot of what you say is part of the journey I have taken but when you cannot remember names of friends that you have known for over 20 years it spooks you a lot,

  • That is a very thought-provoking article. I have certainly noticed a marked drop in my memory's short-term ability and have instructed my son to double check my medications as I sometimes cannot remember whether I have taken them or not.

  • Thanks Toci it looked like something that made common sense and I thought I should share it with others if they felt like I do sometimes. Sorry I can do no more than a heads up for folks.

  • Same reaction I had after coming down from tired and emotional from the journey and stress of doing the tests my head was pounding. Want to be able to do better with tests because the future is scaring me. It is a comfort having someone understand and thank you seems so little for that.

  • Sorry I am tired now and it is hard to put my thoughts in order will try and get back

  • We used to breed Neopolitan Mastiffs so affectionate and something else I cant keep up with

  • Hoping for a better result when they come to my home than I did at the docs

  • Its because your head is getting too full:

  • I think my memory problems are to do with my wife. She talks so much that like most men I don't really listen to half of it, Then she will throw in, "You haven't forgotten we are going out on Saturday have you". Now I haven't forgotten, I just never heard we were going out in the first place. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • well Mimi had to laugh at Bobby. But on a more serious note we do all forget things especially if we are worried or things are on our minds. Confusion is another problem if your feeling anxious. To make you laugh, I often write list's then put them down and can't find them. If you are concerned why not try talking to your nurse, but even if ill there are far more treatments available for this disease these days to allow patients to live better lives. So all is not gloom best wishesx

  • My mums GP told her that if she was worried that she had Altzheimers or Dementia, then she did not have either. It might be just that you need to exercise your mind a little every day to start getting back on track. I try to do a couple of sudukos and crosswords a day. I don't worry if I get them wrong or can't complete them...the reward is in trying them.Even with these puzzles, it is surprising how diet helps. If I am feeling lazy and don't bother with breakfast, I struggle. However, half an hour after having something to eat, your whole body wakes up and things improve dramatically. My memory is bad but I make lists for's how I cope.

  • I think we are all affected to some extent,Im always walking into a room not knowing why.and putting the milk in a cupboard instead of the fridge.Medication I cant remember if i taken it or not so dont take it incase I double up on it? Ohh their coming to take us away haha!! :) Janexx

  • scary but thank you for posting when my oxygen levels fell to dangerous levels before I got rushed into hospital my thinking was extremely woolly and I found I rambled a bit and could not concentrate nor make decisions easily, but at that time did not know why - am better now with my oxygen levels topped up with home oxygen but still have my moments xx

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