Shocking Iain Duncan Smith targeting seriously ill claimants in benefits overhaul again

Shocking Iain Duncan Smith targeting seriously ill claimants in benefits overhaul again

Like really we have kids adults 1000 a year being admitted to A+E because thay cant afford food.

We have people setting fire to them self out side job center plus offices .... and Atos declaring seriously sick and terminal ill fit for work.

And now the clown works and pensions secretary is pushing to scrap a part of the benefits system that helps sufferers of recent illnesses get back into employment.

These individuals are covered by the term "work-related activity group" or (WRAG)

And are regarded as being capable of work in the near future.

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  • Yep its getting that way we would better looked after in prison

  • It was quite a while ago now when the brilliant Owen Jones really confronted the odious IDS on Question Time. Unfortunately it was near the end of the programme so David D cut it short. I could have listened to a great debate for much longer.

    IDS does seem intent on making the lives of the sick and disabled more stressful and difficult than they are already, and at quite a cost both in human wellbeing terms and financially because of the cock ups.


  • All going to far .. that would explain why GP's Lung Specialist are coming the crap about not treating people

  • Hi cofdrop, I actually shook Owen jones hand, and had my photo took with tony benn, it was great to be in the company if people with a sense of social justice, integrity, and fairness, tony benn some would say is becoming a sweet old man, a nation treasure, far from it, he's still a dangerous man in the things he says, dangerous for this government and their mates I mean. X

  • Oh wow how lucky - I would love to meet them. How lovely to have your piccie taken with Tony Benn, another man I admire and such a good orator. Long may he by a danger!

    love cx

  • Ah yes Dennis skinner ! X

  • Yeah another fave!

  • Hi cofdrop Owen jones on bbc 4 tv now (10 pm)

  • Missed it but watched it this morning - excellent -spot on re the tv portrayals today of the working class - thank you so much for the heads up medow.

    love cx

  • Thanks Daz, I've just put this out on twitter x

  • Cheers :)

  • You couldn't make it up. :(

    Thanks for the info Daz.

  • green faced smiley with puffed cheeks.

    I am sickened by what is going on.

  • Great news! x

  • Can't wait..............

  • It is shocking.

    My next door neighbour had major spine surgery which has left him totally disabled.

    He was called in for an examination by these crowd and told " he was fit for some kind of work. to which he replied " Yes, I could do your job with no effort at all, how much brains or movement do you need to be an a.....hole", He`s not a shy kind of guy...........

    He had already submitted hospital, surgeons, doctors even the local Mp`s reports all saying he was partially paralysed with severe restricted painful movement, with no hope of improvement.

    You are right in the comment about government policies.

    Raising the pension age will see many manual ( hard graft ) people die before they can get a state pension (and some!).

    It is all grim.


  • Im fed up the more I hear the more I despise this country they are picking on people who really need benefits. I know someone who worked at the tax office went on sick with depression because they were going to get the sack now they have some other illness that does not show on a blood test or x-ray and for that they get high rate DLA mobility and care this person spends this on a six week cruse every year and will admit they have nothing wrong but because this person is now over 60 has retired and gets to keep the DLA so when is this government going to get off the backside and start dragging people like this in for medical rant over but have many more like this I could fill a book and for those who this is this person claiming no I'm not but I do have severe COPD but I'm told by atos I'm fit for work.

  • Hi everyone this post made very interesting reading, and I can understand why some people are upset about being found fit to work and refused benefits while over sixty fives can receive DLA without review. But I have another side to tell, like many of you I had to work, and when off ill was soon found so called suitable jobs. DLA was never granted until I was unable to work at all due to illness on top of disability. I used to feel the same when I was working plus the hassle when you could not meet the same schedule as able bodied. I am older now but still get remarks about receiving certain benefits although still able to get out. I do not agree with all this tightening up as it is hitting the most vulnerable and illness is harder to deal with and work, due to up and down symptoms. The work you can do can be adjusted for disabilities but not so easy for illness. I dread to think what the future holds for less abled employees. I was disabled from in my thirties and new laws have not changed the way disabled workers are seen or peoples attitude, they still think disabled are those who use wheelchairs and mobility aids.I could go on but you will be bored. Thanks for the emotive topic.

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