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~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY WIFE has a surprise for me ~~KOTC

...................................My wife

My wife has told me to give all her friends on this site a big thank you for all the nice messages that you have sent to me about my broken ribs and also the offers of help

She is so excited with her new steam mop, I have not seen it yet

She tells me that it has several different attachments.

She says I will stand in the bath and she will be able to steam wash every nook and cranny for me

Isn't she so kind and considerate as this will save me 1/2 hour each morning trying to strip wash

Also it will give her a little more time for gardening, hedge cutting etc

She really is an angel at times


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Mrs King is a saint!!! Why she puts up with you is a beyond me :P



As Sillywitch says your wife is a saint. Those ribs of yours are going to take a while to heal mind. You will feel it for a long time. My sister fell over her coffee table probably last year now and she still feels it now from time to time. So you take care I wait on my Husband pretty well mind. What would you men do without us.

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I think you might be headed for a clip around the ear if your not careful hahahoho!!! :D

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Hello King, Mrs King certainly is an Angel, I better not let my hubby see this, don't want him getting any ideas. Take care Nannyb xx


Morning KOTC, sorry to hear of your injury and I hope you're feeling ok and get on the mend soon. Bless Mrs King - she looks after you so well. Sending you both my best wishes

J x


Hi Richard. Years ago mothers use to train daughters in how to look after their future husbands properly. This no longer happens so I was thinking of starting a business where men could send their prospective wives for full training in the domestic arts. A trained wife is a happy wife and this leads to happy husbands. What do you think?

Tongue in cheek Bobby


It sounds like you have a good un there Richard.shes looking after you pretty good I think.and if the steam mop helps free her up for other chores,well..jobs a good un.;) ;)

As Bobby says,happy wife,happy hubby.



Wonderful lady Kingy. Take care and keep on laughing (carefully of course for now)!xx


Just don't buy her a chopper or kitchen set of chef's knives KOTC or she may find a use for them ha,ha xx


Oh Mrs KOTC, your are a darling the stories that he told about his broken ribs was so laughable knowing full well that you had to do something to stop him snoring and at least the steam mop will def get into those nasty little places. Just make sure that he doesn't moan too much.

LOL Berwick xxx


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