Sleeping Issues - ADVICE? - WARNING - A true story that some might find distressing!

So my bed time habit is atrocious, I have got until the beginning of January to change this as my PR course starts on the 6th of January 9:30 am!!! At the moment i am up all night finally nodding off around 5 to 6 am, therefore sleeping to midday-ish.

The reason for this is that one Friday night at 12:30am i was in bed watching TV on my own, I heard very loud banging and thought it was my neighbours, Friday night seem to be their fight night!!! I quickly realised it was my front door being hammered! I thought it must of been one of my sons drunk or something, I went to my landing window and to my absolute horror there were a group of men with balaclava's on, kicking and battering my front door.

In that moment the fear that hit me is quite indescribable, first my breathing immediately laboured and my heart was knocking on my ribs my brain turned to jello and for about 10-20 seconds I was frozen to the spot. I stumbled into my room for my phone to dial 999, they answered to say " Sorry we are busy at the moment, if its not a life and death emergency please call back later, if it is please continue to hold"! :( As i was on hold to the police I realised my window was wide open and thought how easy it would be for someone to shimmy up onto my extension roof, I very slowly peered round the curtain to watch them breaking into my shed, I quietly closed the window.

My dog who was deaf - bless, was completely unaware of any noise but sensed I was utterly discombobulated and started to fuss around him - love him. Still on hold I sat on my bed on the verge of collapse when I heard my French doors at the back of the house smash and at the same time the police answered the phone. I spoke as quickly and quietly as I could which they were annoyed and telling me to speak up because they couldn't hear me properly. "Shit"! I could say no more as I heard the men thunder up my stairs, I pulled my duvet up shoving the phone under my pillow, Still connected and waited to be murdered!!! Five balaclava'ed men walked into my bedroom, when they saw me they all turned their backs on me telling me to give them my money.

My King Charles walked straight past them. All I had was £20 in my purse which I gave whilst trying not to look at their faces, I now sobbing, begging them not to hurt me with my head facing down. I waited but instead of being battered they walked out of my room into my boys room then thundering back down the stairs and out the house!!!

This is my reason for my bad sleeping habits. I don't feel threatened anymore or do I? Im not sure anymore... I have tried staying up right the way through the night but that has not worked.

Can anyone please help me?

If I have a early appointment I get into a terrible state and panic! I do not want to miss out on my PR. It sounds a bit pathetic but massive for me.

Any ideas I would be so very grateful.

Jane xx :)

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  • Jane how awful for you. No wonder you have difficulty sleeping. Does this come under PTSD? I'm sure you will have talked to your GP about this, as it is having an immeasurable impact on your life. You'll no doubt have upped your security measures, and fitted an alarm system. I think your fear is attacking your sleep now, not the robbers. I have never been broken into, so I cannot fathom how that must make you feel. I am so sorry I don't have any solutions, Jane, just a friendly shoulder to lean on, and comfy hugs to administer ((((((Jane)))))). I shall never complain about my insomnia again, as I know mine is steroid related. Take care x

  • Hi initial thankyou for your input.Yes I have been to the docs for counseling ,and had an alarm fitted had to have the monitor taken out of my room was making me neurotic! The sleep thing is driving me crackers though.I get so cross with myself ! :) Janexx

  • A similar thing happened to me a while ago Jane, although in the daytime and I wasn't actually confronted. They came in the front door which I'd stupidly left unlocked when my home help left and I heard them going upstairs. Bizarrely, instead of going to pieces and having a panic attack, which I normally do at the slightest thing, I felt strangely calm and called out I've called the police. Then I heard them rush down the stairs and out. I had seen some unfamiliar youths on bikes hanging around just earlier and maybe they thought my home help was the occupier and noticed she hadn't locked the door. Anyway, no harm done and nothing missing. Yes, I'm obsessed with checking the door now but it's nowhere near as bad as your experience. Yes, you could ask your doc for some mild sedatives to help get you back into a better sleep pattern, but that won't stop the fear you have. Did the police not send a liaison officer around afterwards to offer advice, like victims support or something? Sadie xx

  • Hi Sadie, oh wow you too! Its a horrible experience to go through isnt it... You were brave, the 5 that walked into my room were all holding bats, they took all our computers which also had 3 years of my sons uni work on! Victim support provided and fire proof letter box and panic buttons for my home, the police were pretty useless. Yes I think a trip to the docs is in order. :) Jane xx

  • Hi Flibberti, I think I have come to terms with most of it, its just my sleeping pattern which is impacting my daily routine. As others have suggested to go to the docs and maybe get some medication to try and get my night pattern back to normal. Thank you for caring. :) Jane xx

  • Hi Kane just a quick reply tonight as babysitting and the baba is asleep in my arms. This might not interest you but could u take a sleeping tab for a week to break the pattern it's something I have to do every now and them

  • Hi Nanaber, How lovely having your baba in your arms. Bless. I think your right a sleeping tablet might be needed in my situation now, I have tried to avoid this but i think it is necessary now! Take care and thanks. :) Jane xx

  • I thought at first you were telling another Patch dream. It must have been terrifying I have no idea how you must be feeling now but do think you should do something about it. See your GP for a referral to some counselling or help with sleeping, or both. My heart goes out to you Jane. Sorry i can't help further. xx

  • Ha ha, which it was another patch dream coz I could laugh about it then! One funny thing about it, I was in the process of stopping smoking at the time but failed miserably as Im sure you can understand! I smoked 50 on the trot! I will be making a docs appointment next week for help. :) Jane xx

  • (((HUGS))) xx

  • Enormous hug and sound advice above which I can't better. You have voiced your demons though and that is a huge step to getting rid of them. Have another hug ((((())))) :) xx

  • Hi scrobbity yes I think your right its quite cathartic telling you all and as always everyones been brilliant. Loving the hugs . Thank-you.:) Janexx

  • Anytime Jane :) Try a hug in a mug - a hot chocolate :)

  • You poor Jane


  • Hi KOTC Im alright its the sleepy thing so annoying.Look after your chest and riblets now. :) Janexx

  • Oh Jane how horrid and scary an experience that must have been. No wonder you are not sleeping. Have you been to see your GP hun to see if he can give you some short term meds or offer councelling. Did the Police not put you in touch with Victim Support? May be worth a look hun.

    I really hope things improve for you Jane - I also think you have proved you have great strength.

    With love


  • Hello Cofdrop, I've had counselling and victim support have been brilliant, its really the sleep thing that is the problem so i will hop foot it to the docs next week. Thank you, I am strong it just dealing with the sleeping thing... Its a thorn in my side. Take care :) Jane xx

  • Hi Stitch, If I was able to i would however Im not strong enough to look after strong dogs like that. Noo we found out who did it but coz of lack of evidence nothing was done done about it. My eldest son who is a IT Wiz managed to track the laptops down to a area but the police didn't see it as important as we did and were not prepared to spend money on taking it further! :( Happy days? :) Jane xx

  • What poor service from the police, Bev. You should have reported them.

  • What a nasty experience for you Bev. It really must have shaken you up. xxx

  • Oh Bev you poor thing, i feel for you to, what horrible things to happen. You are right the police are stupid and were of little help! Victim support were great, yes I have had counselling and will be going to the docs next week to sort out this sleeping problem of mine. Are you now ok with your trauma's? Thanks again. :) Jane xx

  • Oh Bev you poor thing, that must of been awful for you! Yes your right the police are useless but Victim Support were great! If I could sort this sleeping issue out it would close the incident down for me and i could carry on with a normal life again! Is your life back to normal again as much as it can be? I do hope so for your sake. Thank you. :) Jane xx

  • Oh Bev you poor thing how awful for you. Yes your right the police are useless but Victim Support were great! Are you now ok with your dramas? Hope so! So will be off to the docs for some heroine LOL Will be in the funny farm by Friday hahaha. :) Jane xx

  • Hi Hypercat, this is Jane's son, she types slower than a tortoise can walk lol so I been helping her reply to these messages... However I began to get really stressed out with replying as it was not showing the replies so sorry for the 3 different versions of replies :D Also can i just say i think this website is great and you and the rest of the people that have listened and supported my mum are amazing and i thank you all!!!!


    Im sorry to hear about your dramas and hope nothing like this happens again but if it does scream FIRE people will look and help for a fire but wont if you shout help ( incase they get hurt themselves!)

    David x

  • That's so horrific! you must have been so scared, I don't think I would be able to sleep after that, I live in the middle of nowhere but feel safe even when I'm alone. I think I would want to move away from there or I'd have hypnotherapy or something to help me sleep, not getting enough zzzz's is not good for you.I'm so sorry that happened to you :( xxx

  • Hi Hufferpuffer I was terrified at the time ,I think ive come to terms with it all excepting this sleepy thing .If that were sorted life would be normal again. :) Janexx

  • Jane after finishing reading your post ,i was waiting for you to say "then i woke up and it was all a dream" i had someone come in the house during the day ,when the police arrived they said "he will have been just as frightened as you " some comfort to me , At least i could see what i was looking at and only one of them , think i would have had a heart attack in your situation .

    Please find help from somewhere take care Dorothy xxx

  • Haha sorry to let you down Dorothy,police what can I say then dont understand the gravity, no matter how minor to them, to us its hell!Takecare :) Janexx

  • What a terrible ordeal Jane. I feel so sorry for you. No wonder you can't sleep. It's a wonder you weren't carted away in an ambulance. I think you need to see your gp for help. Thinking of you! M xx

  • Hi Mocarey Iam truly loads better now apart from sleep issue will hotfoot it to docs next week and try and get this last bit dealt with and put it finally to rest.! Thank-you :) Janexx

  • Oh Jane, you poor thing, what an awful and scary thing to go through. Dicuss with your GP, can they give you something to help you sleep maybe? You can buy panic alarms to put by the bed - which might make you feel more at ease. And speak to your family and friends about it - don't keep it to yourself lovey. Big hugs to you xx

    Janey x

  • Hi Janey, Yes im off to the docs next week and hopefully they will give me something potent to knock me out! I do have panic buttons and a burglar alarm now. Just the sleepy thing to deal with! Thanks again. :) Jane xx

  • Jane that is awful I cannot image how you feel, I don't like the dark and especially being on my own at night. Can you speak to victim support to see if they can help you get alarms fitted if not have a ring around the charities, see if anyone can help you.

    Sorry I can't help anymore than that, I wish I could.

    Take care and look after yourself.

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly, Yes i was absolutely terrified at the time, Victim Support were brilliant and i now have panic buttons and burglar alarms installed. Once i can sort my sleeping out I will be back on top! Thank you. :) Jane xx

  • Can you contact the police again to see if they can visit your house and show how you could make it more secure, that would give you some peace of mind.

    When my friend had her purse stolen a community support officer visited and checked that she was ok and offered suggestions to prevent it happening again.

    I would contact your gp again too, and tell her/him what happened and how it has affected you

    Best wishes

  • Hi knitter the police came and had a fire resistant letter box fitted?.Its only my sleep to be sorted now. Thank-you for caring :) Janexx

  • Jane

    If this happened to you this year, you need to get yourself some counselling, the after affects can last for over a year. GP referral.

    Some links which may be of help to you:

    You need professional help to get you through this.

    Good Luck and best wishes for a full recovery.


  • Hi BC, I have had counselling and had panic buttons installed and burglar alarms as well, its just this last issue with sleeping to sort out! Thank you very much :) Jane xx

  • Hi Stitch what you say is true,I did have some therapy and as far as the incident is concerned dont feel the trauma of it any longer! I do get cross about it if someone refers to it.Yes ive done quite alot of night work myself but that was my choice this isnt and I would like to be living more normal hours.I will see if the doc can help with meds and go from there,the PR team have said if I were to miss a couple they would cancel it! I go for my assessment 10th December and will talk and see what they say ?Thanx stitch :) Janexx

  • Grief! I thought I was reading a novel, it made my heart skip some beats, I kid you not, it is still pounding . . .

    Oh Jane, this is just too awful for words, is your neighborhood usually safe? Are you alone in the house often? Is there a neighborhood watch scheme? Can you install CCTV as a deterrent?

    Would it be possible / even / would you like to relocate? Leave behind your terrible trauma in the house?

    I know it would be a dramatic move, but while you are still there can you ever rest?

    As the others have said, you must get help, this is too much for you to deal with.

    (( Jane ))

    xx Ros xx

  • Hi Ros, haha wish it was a novel... Noo where i live is pretty rough and burglary is a problem round my area! The night it happened my next door neighbour was in my room straight after the men left my home and my son was back before police could even arrive. My other son brought CCTV cameras which are now installed but some how i feel that this doesnt bother some people, some dont have ambitions or a motive but just want to see the world burn! I wouldn't move home as i have spent a lot of money making my home nice and why should i be pushed out of my home coz of the minority of erberts that prowl our estates! Thanks for the hugs, take care. :) Jane xx

  • I put my hands up to my mouth as I was so horrified Jane! How truly awful for you. It makes you feel totally violated and thank God you were not touched or harmed. The Police really need to get their act together and help people such as yourself but they do not seem to know what they are doing half the time. Do get in touch with victim support as that can be of help. Let us know how your PR goes as you will be going. You can't let the bad guys win.

    Lots of love to you. xxx

  • Hi Sassy, yes the police are truly useless and thats why i believe a lot of people take the law into their own hands. Its sad really that you cant even depend on the system when your in need of help! I have been to Victim Support and they were great. Yes I will let you know how PR goes, my son is going to start doing short bursts of exercising with me everyday and try and prepare me for these early morning starts as well. Thank you and lots of love back. :) Jane xx

  • Oh Jane, what a truly awful experience. Years ago I had a stranger trying to get in my front door; reckoned he'd be watching me and wanted to be friends - not likely. Remember standing on the inside of the locked door telling him to go home and sleep it off. As I looked down I hoped that he wouldn't notice the cat-flap and put his hand through.

    But your experience has been much more frightening and I hope you will get all the help and support that you need.

    Sending you a warm hug and lots of love xxx

  • Oh Lovelight that must of scared the life out of you! I know my situation was bad but no one deserves these horrible situations like these and the after effects it brings. My son said if he would of put his hand through the cat flap he would pull it in further then snap his arm!lol how dare these people who do they think they are! Thanks lovelight takecare :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane I'm so sorry to hear about your break in the damage they caused for £20.00 it beggars belief. I also went years with very little sleep but the reason I didn't sleep was because of back problems every time I turned over I would wake up in pain I even started to drink but then after 3 years I was sent to the pain clinic and they gave me a spinal block. these injections last about 6 weeks and then back to no sleep till the next injection I can sympathise with your sleep problem my hart goes out to you the night is so long when you don't sleep I do hope you find something to help you. x

  • Hi onamission yes only took £20 of me but took my boys laptops and different gadgets from their room!! To not sleep because of pain is awful twice as draining as your physically suffering. I will get this sorted some way some how! Thank-you :) Janexx

  • and what did they get with the money they made next fix no doubt. The trouble is if this sleeping pattern carries on they really have won and you will feel angry best foot forward get this sleeping problem sorted we are all hear to help best of luck Jayne.x

  • Good evening LL, Gosh, it sounds really dreadful. I think the others are right that it might be PTSD which happens when you are facing a life or death situation and or extreme fear. You sort of need a diagnosis really, just like we do with our health & lung problems and then perhaps you will be able to begin to move on.

    There are times when my sleep pattern gets stuck. (absolutely nothing as bad as yours though) after a couple of weeks of it I'm exhausted & cant function, that's when I take an anti allergy tablet like Pititon, the one that says 'may cause drowsiness' on the pack. It knocks me out, a couple of night of that and I'm back on track.

    I dont know if they're addictive, hope not, but I just thought I'd mention it.

    Wishing you all the very best in getting some help so you can attend PR. xxx

  • They have the right idea in America . . .

  • Oh Jane. What a terrible thing to happen. I always worried when my Husband was in hospital and I was on my own. But to have that happen I don't think I would sleep either. I live in a block of retirement flats and I feel safer now than I ever have. I do however live on the ground floor but there is no handles on the outside of the door. Only on the inside. I don't know what to say to you. I really feel sad that someone has had to go through what you have. They need to be locked away and the key thrown away. Perhaps your Dr can recommend someone you can talk to.

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