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Good afternoon to you all hope you are all warm and snug as a bug in a rug.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have written another little scribblet

November nearly done

Means December and fun

Buying party dresses

To dad mum confesses

Christmas cards to write

To the shops we all fight

The cold and the heat :(

Please have you a seat ?

Ten presents to buy

A munch,sit and sigh

I love my family dearly :)

I love all this really!

Putting up the lights :(

Patience needed not to bite

Christmas songs now playing loud

We are now quite a crowd

Mulled wine we're drinking and some start wiggling

Festive spirit fills us such fun and giggling :)

Jane xx :) Happy days

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Enjoyed reading that, I told everyone this year, that I was not cooking dinner, this will be first year ever. We are going to youngest daughters, only lives across the road, so that's good. My hubby and youngest son who lives at home, looked horrified, not that my daughter can't cook, just that she panicking, the last time we went for dinner. And bless her it was cold. I told her that I will help with dinner, so every ones happy now. cannot wait, could eat it now. Nannyb xxx

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Jane, your scribblet is scrumptious, and brought me out of my ba humbug mood. Now, where are those decorations? :) x


You had me at mulled wine :O xx


Lovely Jane. The sparkle is starting! x


Position two mirrors in room facing neighbours windows ,Catch the reflection of their lights and tree. Xmas, job done



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