~~~~The wife~KOTC

..............The wife KOTC

Just before I have to retire to bed again I thought I would tell you that whilst I am in bed resting my ribs during the day, to save my wife listening out for me and my requirements, I have told her to keep her mobile phone with her at all times, she is more likely to hear me that way and without coming to see me, she will know that I want another cuppa or something. Very considerate I thought saving her legs and my waiting time.

Good night

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  • you are naughty king ,goodnight xxx

  • NO, no. no, no, no, no, naughty NO newlands

  • That does it, I,m packing my cauldron & jumping on broom, your lovely lady needs help!!! I was very good at bedbaths KING when I was nursing :P

    The Witch xxxx

  • She tells me she has something better than a bed bath sillywitch. But will let you know if she needs help. I don't know what she is up too

  • Sounds like a bucket of cold water is planned Kingy :P, well I did tell you to be good :) xxxx

  • Hello King . Why didn't you ask for the grapes oh! And the newspaper. You are slipping up there. Rest easy and take care. Glad your back posting.

  • Takes her all her time to change the TV channels for me Mavary

  • Sounds like my Husband King.

  • I'm so pleased you are being looked after like a King, and a very considerate one as well!!! Have you been having lessons from my nearest and dearest I wonder....good night sleep well :) xxx

  • I am self taught hufferpuffer

  • Naughty naughty king, your poor wife. Maybe you should listen out for the whistle

  • Poor wife !! I get her as many objects as possible that makes life easier for helping in my comfort Steamtrain1958

  • If you don't behave she will cut off your access to your computer. Glad to see your still trying to amuse us! M xx

  • Computer Ha Ha, she thinks it's a TV that's on the blink Mocarey

  • Good morning kotec. Hope you and your lady wife had a restful night, without to many phone calls.

    it's good to see despite the pain and discomfort that you haven't lost your sense of humour. By the way, who pay's the phone bills :)

  • Phone is free package deal letys

  • Nice to hear from you again. Your cheeky humour is missed Joyce x

  • Thank you for your kind words Joyce

  • You've got a good 'un there KOTC. I expect you are spending your time surfing the web for the best surprise ever for her Christmas present. She certainly deserves it. Bless

  • Christmas present, I don't understand!!!! wowsa

  • Glad you feel well enough to post KOTC, hope you feel much better soon - though you might not be in too much of a hurry considering you are being waited on hand and foot!

  • I will observe due dilligence as to my recovery time jools

  • Hi King, If you had let me know sooner, I could have sent you my sons bell, I bought him one of those bells they have in reception at a hotel. He never used it. Think he was too scared to. Nannyb xx

  • It my hurt my ribs trying something to strenuous like ringing a small hand bell nannyb

  • Great to see your post ,you must be feeling much better,stay in the warm and rest, very cold out there today, When my son was at home and had his music on loud I used to have to phone him to say dinner was ready, All the best. Heather.X

  • Didn't you take his dinner to him Heather ?

  • You call this beddie-talkie!

  • Something like that helingmic

  • Hi King.

    I GOT MY WIFE A MOBILE, thinking it would be helpful for her to have one.

    Not long after I gave it to her, she was helping our grandson with his maths homework and required a calculator.

    WELL........... she picked up the mobile and started punching the keys like a typewriter. after a few seconds she turned to me and exclaimed " typical of you to by me a present that dosn`t work.

    Yes you guessed it, she thought the mobile phone was a calculator.

    That is now a long standing joke with the grandchildren and our kids.

    SO no cuppa for me!!!!.

    You rest easy and get well.


  • I'm calculating that one Tom

  • So is my wife!!!!

  • Ho, ho KOTC I made the mistake of giving my bedridden elderly Mother a mobile so if there was an emergency whilst I was out at the shops or whatever she could get hold of me - big mistake now every time I go out get phone calls every 5 minutes or so to ask where I am, how long I'll be etc. .....

  • Hi king, how are you doing, we all really hope you are ok, and would love to hear from you! Everyone, almost everyone is making comments of where are you. You are missed. Really hope you are ok.

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