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New and a question :)

Hi All,

Just joined today and have been reading through the posts. What a positive and friendly environment, I can see me enjoying my time here.

Are you able to get a Blue Badge with COPD? I have moderate COPD diagnosed just over a year ago and finding it harder and harder to walk any distance. If I can get one, how do I go about getting it, please?


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Here in Kent we apply to the County Council. You can do it online, I think, and it costs a tenner.

I am going to apply when I get back off holiday. I know people worse than me without one and people better than me with one so I think it's a lottery with your Council.

They do check you out through your GP I believe.

Welcome to the site as well. I'm quite a new boy myself but really enjoy this site and the chat and jokes etc.

I live in Kent just but classed as Greater London. The COPD Nurse requested someone call on me to apply for Blue Badge. We filled in the form but was told it was doubtful. She was right I didn't get. I'm severe stage, but still work 5 days a week 9.30. to It is a lottery. I also know people better have it people worse turned down.

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Snap ! :)

Hi and welcome cassalilly. I applied online and got one without too much bother. It seems to be a postcode thing of whether it's easy or hard to get one. Here's a link with information. I hope it helps.


welcome to the site.

I phoned the local council and someone filled the form in over the phone and shortly after I went for an assessment

I think you have to have walking difficulties and be on high rate mobility

Nothing to do with 'high rate mobility' only inability to walk a certain distance. Diagnosis of COPD should do it. Pulmonary Rehab got it for me then I renewed online without problem this year. Easily renewable as condition is permanent! Good luck - it makes life so much easier ...


Welcome Cassalilly, nannyb xx

Hi Cassalily, My husband suffers with severe COPD - we were originally given a blue badge through the GP but now you have to apply through the council. Last year was renewal time and we were really worried about the assessment but no need to have worried, they were lovely. The blue badge has been a godsend. Good Luck TAD xx

Welcome to the forum. can't help with the blue badge but you will find a lot of knowledge and friendly people on here. regards Dozy

Hi Cassalilly wishing you a very warm welcome to this friendly supportive site nice to meet you.I know you can fill the form online and send in the appropriate paperwork.Goodluck see you soon Janexx

Welcome to this site, I have severe COPD and I was turned down for a blue badge because I don't get DLA or any other benefits however I went up to my local council and after seeing one of the physiotherapist I was given one, go to your local council and ask them but if you get DLA you are guarantied to get one and a free bus pass if your under 60. good luck

If you do not recieve DLA you have to have support from your GP. I believe there is a space for you GP to fill in. I've had mine for a few yrs now and would be lost without it.


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Hi Chris, yes I have one now but it is not automatic and I have to reapply every few years because I don't get DLA

I think mine is automatic as i am on DLA but still have to renew it every 2 yrs.


Hi Chris, I think a lot count's on where you live in Telford our council will only renew your blue badge if you claim DLA and you have to prove you claim it, I have to reapply for mine when it runs out we pay £10.00 Telford also give you a free bus pass if you have a blue badge I only found that out a few weeks ago.

Welcome Cassalilly,

Yes you should be able to get a blue badge, speak with your Local or County Council or go through the website from the link stone provided above. You need to emphasise the breathlessness and that you have COPD, a long term illness that doesn't get better chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc.

Good luck

Hi Cassalilly and Welcome. I'm afraid I can't help you with that one. My Husband has IPF. I'm sure a lot of others will be able to.

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