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By the way... No, not on a mission but, probably should be, given what's gone before... However,

Three days not smoking! Thanks to all you 'good guys'! Nicorette gum (5 a day: now a sore on the tip of my tongue). So, gave in to an e.cig. Yes, finally. Viewing it as interim. Would be really grateful for some information on that which, frankly, is what this site should be about. Not dealing with bullies. Health matters, eh. Fortunately, didn't hear from the 'bad guys' which would have been a bit annoying because I would have closed down my account had I done so. And, no, I'm not joking.

Avidly avoiding people on the tube/bus who are coughing. I think I'm looking like a complete nutcase, moved seats this morning and left a seat to stand on a packed bus this evening. But, frankly, don't care what people think. Anything to avoid catching someone's horrible bug and have it develop into something awful... Dreading the onset of Bronchitis or something more sinister. Crossing fingers and constantly moving seats (oh, and, covering my mouth up with my huge black scarf!).

By the way, I'm fantastically unaware to the bullying so many people have mentioned and was so shocked to read what goes on for so many people. Please, all of you guys, look out for it. Newcomers need to feel welcome (and I know you all know that - given your response to me - but... it shouldn't be happening anywhere, not least on a site like this.

Anyway, off to bed. Work beckons again tomorrow. Slightly irritated. Work normally two days a week. Worryingly been built up to three days over the past couple of months... Arrived home this evening to a cold house (boiler packed up, apparently); rats in the bloody loft and 16 year old daughter with homework needing to be printed out and printer not going on line. Ugh.


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Well done for 3 days smokeless Smartt. I have had hell on trying to get the right mind set to stop smoking. I can feel I'm getting there at last. Longlungs has been an inspiration.

I started cutting down yesterday, 10, today 6 ect... I've tried to just quit and I go into panic attacks so going to try it this way. Also have had a ecig for a few months so trying to switch to that. Keep it up. xx

Haha Im right behind you casper99.your going great guns well done you,its not a race you are you and when we stop its our own way what ever that might be that works for you dont you think.Something will click and you will feel empowered casper and any panic attacks wont be there coz your stopping you will be in a good strong place and maybe thats whats happening gradually now your prepping yourself so all good eh. Keep well keep stopping keep smiling. :) Janexx

Keep trying casper; you will get there. x

Im so impressed Smartt execellentez my friend absolutely brilliant. :) Dont feel youve let yourself down with e.cig not a problem Iused to use one im now on the inhalator and patches Iam find I need them less andless as time goes by.You did make me smile re you moving about the bus haha I too can spot a cough or sneeze at 50 yards bless yer.:) Yup always the same, one thing goes wrong then the house falls down I do exaggerate haha but you know what I mean.Keep on stopping Smartt made my night. :) Janexx

Well done Smartt - keep up the good work. Know what you mean about catching a cold, I didnt duck fast enough and have a stonking one. Getting up before 3am each morning coughing. Havent been out of the house all week just spending the days drinking and snoozing. At least I dont have to go to work as you do. Keep well. Joyce.

Smartt, well done you might be turning in to Howard Hughs but at least you've stopped smelling like an old ash tray! One day at a all we can do....keep it Sis-in-law has been clinging to her e-cig for about 6 months now and looking much better for it! I have one of those little foam sprays they keep your hands protected for hours and as soon as you get home wash your nostrils out, avoid touching your eyes ( germs get in that way) :)

Fantastic not smoking!! Well done you should be really proud of yourself. My husband suffers with severe copd and I turn into a bloody lunatic come this time of year. I insist we wear gloves when in public places and paying at tills! I always move away from anyone how so much look as if they might sneeze never mind cough! I always give my husband Vitamin D which seems to have helped (some research has been done showing copd patients have low vit D levels). Have you had a flu jab? AND keep the hand sanitiser handy!! Good luck with the stopping smoking; with keeping all bugs at bay and with the boiler TAD xxx

Put your three days in the bank and add to it. It will pay off interest at the best rate you can imagine. How proud will your daughter be? How clean the air in your house. How fresh your hair will smell.

I don't know who these 'trolls' are either. The only one I have come across is the one in wait for the billy Goats Gruff under the bridge when I am reading to my grandchildren!!!!

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You are doing really good, especially with all that ws going on at home. I too try to avoid bugs, wearing gloves, hand sanitizer in the car, keeping way from little ones, who always seem to be coughing and spluttering, not always easy,Take V.C D., and many more which I have been recommended on this site, People have always been helpful on here, I have never seen any bullying, not really sure what a Troll is? But keep up the good work . Smartt, All the best. H

Hi smarty, well I know just what you mean and how you feel, one thing after another, but hay Ho, how good are you, three days in and even with all that's gone wrong, still plugging away. Well done keep it up. Love june

Well done Smartt, that is a very smart thing to do :)

Best wishes BC

Oh boy! Three days! You are getting stronger and stronger. Bad things will always happen, some harder to deal with than others, but if you are tempted just think - will my having a cigarette solve the problem? It never will. Keep on stopping Smartt. Best of luck. xx

Each day at a time it is an evil weed that does you no good. I know its hard I was a 40 a day man :( I was prescribed Nicotine gum in the 90's but was taking so much I was stoned by the afternoon and no use to anyone. It was a 10 day stay in hospital that got me to stop back in 1992. A bit extreme but keep up the good work.

Be Well

Yuks on the sore mouth. This happened to me as well, which is why I started using the e-cig. Congratulations on making day 3, and more power to you with your personal battle :) x

Well done Smartt keep up the good work I stopped on sept 2nd and I can't believe how bad they smell off other people. I have noticed lots of benefits for not smoking . Hope u stay tabacco free :)

Well done Smartt


Hi Smartt. Good for you. Three days probably feels like a lifetime at the moment but Hey! You are doing well. When I gave it up we didn't have anything to help. I found it very hard. Because My Husband who was on forty to sixty a day had given it up I really had to. Especially as I was the one who made him in the first place. See how I worried about him even then. Eleven days time and it will be a lot easier for you. I've always said three weeks and the craving is subsiding. Keep up the good work we know you can do it.

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