I asked pulmonary registrar if I could come off prednisolone, she said I would have to have a blood test first to see if its ok for me to stop taking it. I am now down to 5mg per day and 3 stone heavier.

I had a phone call yesterday from the hospital and they want me to attend one of the wards to have the blood test and I must be there at 8.30am next Wednesday and not to take my usual dose of prednisolone. Has anyone had to have this blood test? And why can't I go to the usual phlebotomists for the blood test? Where is the blood taken from?

Sorry so many questions, just a bit confused.


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Hi I would just phone my GP and ask :) but I also think if you are taking steroids after you've been taking them for a long time, your doctor may want to do a simple blood test to see when you can stop the medicine completely. Even when the medicine is stopped, your body may be slow in making the extra steroids that you need in times of stress. At these times, your doctor may want you to continue or restart your steroid medicines until the stressful time is over.

but just ask. I hope it helps a little bit Titchyj, hope all goes well for you :)

Sorry forget about it:) there maybe take it from the ear or neck, because is close to your heart. They took my from the neck, I took them with a one week break and then again, I was very hyper aktive my heart rate was high, so there done a blood test in hospital.

Its a bit painful but over soon. Don't worry I believe your in good hands.


Thank you coccobo for your reply, at least i have some idea of what may happen.


Hi, just give the BLF helpline a quick call if you can't get through to your doc or practice nurse. They are fully trained to advise.

I'm sorry I can't offer any information myself. Good luck, it's good they're looking after you :)

Hi my consultant prescribed 1mg prednisilone tablets instead of 5mg, so I used to take 4mg a day for a few weeks then 3mg etc. And continued with the steroid inhaler.

Didn't have a blood test though and now back on 5mg sadly.

Best of luck

Thanks to Peeg and Knitter for your replies, sorry Knitter that you have to go back up to 5mg, will let you know what happens.


Hi Jan, can't help you with your query about the blood test but I do hope you can come off the prednisolone. Will keep fingers crossed for you.

Best wishes BC

Sorry haven't got any advice, just poking my nose in why do they put you on long steroids they always make me feel great.

Kim xxx

Hi Tichyj. My Husband is on eight five mg of Prednisone for five days. To fight his infection. I thought that was rather a lot. Mind you he is much better and is eating better than he has for a while. I was going to say about the glands sometimes don't work again if you are on it long term but Flibberti has got that one. Hope you get on ok at the hospital.

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