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How long will it take for my son (37) to get a portable oxygen device just been told he needs one and would probably be 6 weeks?

My son has had asthma all his life never smoked enjoyed all sports (recently had to slow up on skateboarding) he started with sleep appnia ? 2 years ago and has been messed about all this time Dr.changed notes lost appointments not sent ,he has been so frustrated he has had NO continuity in his treatment (he lives in London and I live in the North ,have C.O.P.D. and I have regular check ups and help available but because of confidentiality no one will talk to me about him he is shattered all the time and just hanging on to his job.

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Hi soop, I have 3 adult asthmatic daughters and am asthmatic myself, so I know what its like to see a child in distress and feel helpless.

All of them live in the south, while I am in the north as well.

Have you rung the BLF helpline to see what they can suggest.

My middle daughter suffers the most and she has received amazing treatment from her gp, Allergy tests and the appropriate medication.

Can you or your son ring his surgery and insist that they speak someone on the phone so that a longer appointment can be made, even if he has to take time off work to attend

Ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant.

Best wishes. J

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Hi soop, i really don't understand the 6 week wait. If your son has been assessed as needing oxygen, then he needs it now. The oxygen service where I live (Kent) is round the same day when i need it for an exacerbation.

The BLF helpline could give you advice to pass on to him, or he could call (click top right red balloon for contact number). I don't know whether PALS in his area, the patient liaison advice service, could also advise, might be worth trying. Hope this gets sorted quickly, best, jean

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I wish I could offer some advice and support. It's so frustrating when our kids have problems and they're far away (or even near and won't listen to mum)!

Give the BLF a call to see what they suggest your son can do.

All the best to him - and to you his parent. Peeg

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Thanks to all, I have told him about BLF and PALs but he thinks he knows it all and feels this last app. will follow up with him .I am lucky (lol) I have access to COPD nurse,physio and support group But London is not all good,lots of people move around so much and not much continuity of care sorry I know its not all of London but I am a flapper.

Thanks again soop.


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