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Log fires

I have moderate copd. I was wondering about the effect that log or coal fires have on people living with COPD. For tyre first time in my 57 years summer one is going to cook me Xmas dinner!! I am recently diagnosed so I am trying to learn what is and is not recommended. I heave learnt such a lot already especially as I have felt what the consequences of the cold weather can do!

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Hi Carol, I'm mild/moderate I think. I have an open fire and use smokeless fuel, It doesn't flame much so I add the occasional log/kindling. The only time itaffects me is if any smoke inadvertantly comes in to the room.

It's very heart warming to have an open fire for me so I shall continue but be careful to ensure there's little smoke.

Hope you can sit back and relax while others are cooking for you at Christmas, easier said than done!


Oh thank you for your replyq I must admit to being very confused with the diagnosis. I can do lots of things, I can walk but can't walk and talk! I can stride out but I lose my breath when I bend down. I wish . Knew what to expect and wether or not I am getting paranoid! Lol w hire long have you been diagnosed for. Regard Carol


Hi, I've been improving since last spring. Have asthma which is mild in summer but moderate in the winter. I saw copd on copies of my medical notes a few months ago but that was from GPs. I have an appointment (possibly will be discharged) with con in January. Apparently my years of pneumonias and chronic bronchitis were down to 'poorly controlled asthma' according to the hospital. Had a CT scan & damage not too bad.

I've learnt so much here and at PR about improving my lot. I'm now going with my nose & mouth covered with my fine wool Buff, dressing properly for the weather has never been my forte but it is now!

I've been feeding a neighbours cat for 2 days and they have those plugin perfumed fresh air thingys which had me choking & gagging. Then today another neighbour has come in to get some her Christmas stuff out of my loft, had to put a mask on against the dust. :(

I'm determined not to let this wreck my life like it had from 2009 to this summer. Keeping up with exercise, keeping weight down & eating well. smoked a little for 3 years when young then again 3 years in 40's.

Enjoy my fire, it cheers me up and it's doing something warming and good for myself.

Perhaps you need to spend time with someone who has anopen fire to see how you breath?

In my next home I intend to have a wood burning stove :) xx P


Hello Carol I to have an open fire,only use it weekends and christmas day wouldnt be the same without one.I cant say that I have suffered from the effects unless someone puts some thing on thats damp! How lovely for you this year someone else doing the cooking,I enjoy my food more if someone else cooks,I think if I cook by the time I sit down Im worn out and dont enjoy as much.Fortunately all three of my children can cook it was important to me that both sons learn to cook aswell as my daughter who is a superb cook now.Quite often my youngest son will offer to cook the sunday roast ! how lucky am I.We dont have turkey anymore for christmas .We have fillet steak as this is a real treat for us but we have all the roasted veggies etc and yes yorkie puds and we are gravy fiends,for our starter we are having salmon fillet that has marinaded in soy sauce and honey,cooked quickly in tinfoil pockets served with a small green leaf garnish and brown bread and butter mmm,we cant normally do dessert but if anyone wants its something fruity and light to freshen.. Got a bit carrie d away there haha :) You sit back relax and enjoy yourself Carol :) Janexx


mmmm yum, that's you sorted then. Making me feel hungry.

We usually have a chunk of ham and roast beef or lamb cooked to pink. Unfortunately, almost son-in-law doesnt like lamb and he cant do without his Turkey. My son is a good cook too and I imagine he will do most of the cooking (though I wish they'd let me while I can still enjoy it). I clear up as I go & leave little mess. His closest sister is rubbish but youngest is pretty good. Step daughter cannot boil an egg and burns toast!

Hope you're keeping well Jane. xxx Peeg


Hello peeg Iam very well thank-you,your health is sounding pretty damn good eh,good news indeed,you must be made up.I do what Im able takes much longer it feels a bit like a workout :) .My daughter is a female Ramsey in the kitchen her poor husband runs for his life,when Im there I just smile and then get the giggles which normally diffuses the situation "dont laugh mum its not funny,he can see ...knows how...blah blah blah haha sorry hehe!" My buff arrived last week they are good arnt they,I went out on gertie just to the bottom of my road and it was very good, so went up to my little local shop,because it was very chilly out i had dressed for the north pole,went into the shop by the time Id got to the milk fridge i was collapsing! the buff I.d had over my head and then pulled up over nose and mouth so just pulled the mouth bit down but by this time i felt I was being strangled the temp change was too much I started to rip the layers off i must have looked like a loon I was frantic my god!! They know me so came running to the back after some time I regained my posture,what a palarva,so in future Iwill have to be more aware. Keep well Peeg Janexx


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