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serps pension

ive just found out about serps 2 pension in 1978 I opted out of the state second pension with donations from hmrc going to my contracted out pension with co-operative it has been in a personal pension since then. on finding this out I have found out that if you are diagnosed as 1 year to can take a lump sum payment from this second state pension.i wash totally shocked at the amount of money I am going to get.just letting everyone know in case there are those of you in a situation like me I did not contribute to this pension. iwas contracted out of serps for 7 years before opting back in again all donations paid in to that personal pension was paid by hmrc.i really am shocked I came across this by chance my doc is now doing medical repot about my terminal illness once sent back it will be paid hope this news can help anyone on this site.100% lump sum payment

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Lots of information for people being shared. Well done teaky.


Hi Teaky, am happy for you but so sad too, I didn't realise the advanced stage of your illness. When my condition came to the disabled stage and I had to give up work, because I had paid into a private pension for some years when I was self employed I wondered if I could have any of it. Like you, I was shocked how much I was able to take in a lump sum and still have a small pension. It really helped that first 12 months or so for me to adjust to a different sort of life. Obviously at that point I knew my life was probably limited and thought what's the point of just leaving it lying there, I might never get a chance to enjoy it. I hope you get the money teaky and then your prognosis miraculously reverses! Best wishes to you and thanks for the info, am sure a lot of people will have their eyes opened. Sadie xxx


thank you I really hope it can help anyone from the site who didn't know about this that's one thing about this gov they don't tell you what you are allowed to claim in benefits but through a lot of research on gov website you can find out


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