HELLO, HELLO,HELLO! JUST WANTED TO SAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Get well too our Scrobbitty

Thought i'd write a little ditty

So you went to the doc

Coz you felt like a croc

Unburden you did and then came surprise

Doc Julian listened ! you tell us no lies

Azithromycin and a fist full of scripts

You pop to the chemist licking your lips

Now rattling with meds

Hope their strong as the 'Feds'

Killing the germs and all those bugs

So i'm sending good wishes and many hugs ((()))

You may think i'm a loon :)

All I mean is get well soon :) :) :)


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Ha Ha! What a wonderful ditty, Jane :) Well done :) x

Hi there initial haha a bit of fun and lightheartedness for one of our members who 's not been well for a while I understand. :) hows you ? Janexx

Hi Jane, better now that I've seen the Consultant today. Hope you're keeping well now, and sleeping better :) x

Thats good to hear initial.:) My sleep pattern is a big problem it has to change as I have PR starting early January,Im wondering weather to share what happened to me in the hope someone may be able to help me change this pattern of mine?? Janexx

I think that would not only help you, but others too. I know the steroids are the cause of my sleep disruptions. Perhaps by opening a thread on that topic, more people will come forward, and possibly even have a 'cure'? :) x

Its a little bit scarey might have to put a warning up,Iwill try and give the details quick so its not to awful.haha :) Janexx

Clever and funny, hope he gets well soon.

polly xx

Hello polly thank-you.Yes I hope they do now with their new antibiotics. :) Janexx

Hi Jane, hope you are still keeping well? Lovely ditty. x

Hello Toci yes Im fine thank-you not liking the weather like us all ofcourse.How are you keeping?Thank-you :) Janexx

Oh brilliant Jane, I'm still still laughing here - lovely pome me dear - thanks muchly :) xxx

Haha I do hope these new meds make the difference for you,its so draining when it goes on and on.Im very glad you had a little smile you've made my day for me. :) Janexx

Lovely Jane. Makes me smile.

Well how good is that Marvary coz you too have had a worrying time recently we all have needed a little smile me thinks.Is hubby still going in the right direction? Take care keep well. :) Janexx

Hi Jane. Yes! He is much better I think due to all the medication. He should be rattling well by now. Just hope he doesn't get anything else. That's the trouble with the winter there is so many germs about. You take care as well.

This time of year gives us all the willies worrying ,have to be extra careful ,I was saying to Smartt alittle while ago us lungies can hear a sneeze or cough at 50yds haha.Keep ducking and diving those germs Marvary build yourselves up. :) Janexx

Hi Jane. My husband gets very attached to germs ha ha! No I don't want them either. My so stayed away for a week because he had like a fluey thing. Which meant we didn't get to see my beautiful Granddaghter. Hope the bugs have all gone away now. I can't be doing with them. Speak to you soon. X

Well done Jane. Very clever. :-) :-) Alison

Hidehi Alison bless you.A smile a day helps you work rest and play so do mars bars lol :) :) Janexx

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