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Hi everyone,

The British Lung Foundation has been approached by pharmaceutical company GSK. They are making 4 “Day in the Life” videos about people living with COPD and would like our help finding some patients to participate in the film.

These short films will be used to raise awareness of COPD among the staff at GSK as well as among the UK public so they will be posted on the company’s website ( They will not be used to promote any of their products.

The 4 “Day in the Life” videos will be shot at patients’ homes. They want to create a full picture of what living with COPD feels like, so would like to spend a full or half day with each patient, following them in their everyday activities. In addition, at some point during the day there will be a 45-minute interview with the patient, asking questions about his/her everyday life.

Would you like to be a part of this? If you think you fit the below criteria then please contact me directly and let me know a little bit about you and your experience of COPD.

GSK are looking for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COPD but who do not have asthma as well.

Because they would like to show how it can affect people at different stages of the illness, they would like to film:

•2 patients who are already using a bronchodilator and have had an exacerbation within the last year; and

•2 patients who have not had an exacerbation in the last year.

There may also be opportunities to raise more awareness afterwards by participating in subsequent training events and also answering questions from the media. Please let me know whether this is something that you would be happy to do if you get involved.

GSK will be paying €500 per day per patient, adjusted using the exchange rate at the time of filming. A separate fee will apply to any additional events or media work that you are asked to do.

If you would like to take part or have any questions about what this entails, please email me on

Best wishes,

Bethany Bateman

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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  • I wouldn't mind seeing exactly what it entails.

  • Hi Kimmy. I'll send you a message with some more details. It would be great to hear what you think so I'll leave you my number in case you want to talk any of it over.

  • Can use my pictures if thay like its not like the not easy to understand .. a would of loved to but have other considerations to consider .. Why that always happen to me anyway to long in tooth to refries it :)

  • That's really kind. They need to film you for this particular project but if you're happy for us to use your pictures then I might keep that In mind for future projects if that's ok.

  • Cheers yep thats fine .. Thanks

  • We have very graphic anti smoking ads here showing people struggling to breathe, waking up with panic attacks, likened to being buried alive, and a gentleman on oxygen with young children. It is very confronting for me and I cannot watch, but I suppose if it puts people off from smoking it has done its job.

  • Hi kad21 would agree with about smoking but there is a lot of people with same illness who have never smoked.

    Lung conditions can be caused by lots of things

    I went to a photo copying shop and inside of mouth neck started buring with fumes

    Never have i suffered like that befour .. Don't know how shop workers stand it

    Lung condions and photo copying shops are a no no

  • Hello there,

    I am interested in taking part in this, and I would like to hear more details.

  • Hi Bromleyal, that's great. I've sent you a message with some more details as well as my phone number and email.

  • I do hope that every Atos Doctor and decision maker in DWOP office are made to watch these videos.

  • thanks to medicine no probs at home now but is was awful, could not grate a carrot, crawled up and down stairs etc..but who will believe me now. ?? my doc yes but consultant did not and did not even listen when I talked, have to see the horrible man again on mon, if he repeats his behaviour will be straight to demand someone else. . will be recording conversation. good luck,

  • Hi lorraine could not of put it better myself .. Should film those waiting to see there docs ... Its quite horrific esp when GP's put it down to panic attacks

    Think few of them need to man or women up in stead of telling us

  • That's right lets hope the right people see the film, like you said a lot of GPs out there don't know anything about COPD/emphysema, the same when you bump into somebody that you haven't seen for a while first thing they say your looking well.They don't see you trying to climb stairs or a couple of steps or crossing the road. I would like to find more out about the film especially if its down my area.

  • Hi GIBBO, I believe they can come out to you wherever you are. I'll message you with some more details.

  • Interesting project. The interview is good enough but just not sure about a film crew following around for a full day. They might get bored with me as unless I am going somewhere don't do a lot. lol.

  • The film crew don't want you to do anything out of the ordinary. They just want a realistic portrayal of what life with COPD is like. In some respects, the less you do the more impact they may believe your film will have. I will send you a message letting you know what to do if you want to get involved.

  • Hi Bethany

    I would be interested in taking part, although, whilst having severe C O P D I also have Heart Failure and Factor XI deficiency

  • Hello,

    That's great news that you'd like to take part. I haven't been told that having other conditions would rule you out. - I think most people probably have other conditions as well. I will send you a message with some more details about how to get involved.

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