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Eklira Genuair


Please does anyone know the benefits of Eklira Genuair as opposed to Spiriva - is it better or the same?

AND: Daxas - Has anyone got experience of this tablet? My Consultant said there are side effects and one of them is weight loss and I am too thin already. Can anyone throw any light on these two medications please? I am in the Newport Breathe Easy Group and we don't know much about these two medications. I am on 24hr oxygen 2L and currently have a chest infection. Thank you.

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Best info I can find about Eklira Genuair is in the following link:

breathe easy


quite a bit of reading from previous posts on same subject:

i take EKLIRA GENUAIR , it is an inhaler ,and i certainly haven`t lost weight , which I could do with ,as I am about 20 pounds over weight

whoops, missed the daxas bit ,being the tablet

i switched from spiriva to eklira and found it better.

Thank you for the information - and for the community spirit lovely peoples. I'm struggling another infection at the moment and when I was at Chest Clinic a the Nurse said it was my choice - NOT very helpful I thought. I asked her if she thought it would be better for me but she didn't know. Oh dear. I've also now bought a salt pipe which I'll try once I've finished the antibiotics and steroids. One lady in our Breathe Easy Group has one and she said it helps her clear her chest.

you just have to be determined to be a partner with medics in managing your disease ... and if they are not helpful enough try pushing them or finding those who are helpful. I get good help now.

Hi, my mum has severe copd, asked the doctor regarding daxus she knew nothing about it....mum was so desperate to try anything she ended up getting it from Germany ... Cut a long story it didn't agree with her loads of side effects stop taking immediately . Still not sure if it's been approved here yet

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