Nebulisor ( COPD ) needed

Nebulisor ( COPD ) needed

First of all i thought the image upload was for my avatar, but i'll leave it on anyway, because my hobbie is to fly simulators, so the picture above is the best office in the world...:)

Ive been diagnosed with copd now aprox two years and i just use seratide and another tablet i take at night which begins with S i havent got in front of me now, so i'll passs on that one, my problem is, on one occasion i was away from home staying at my father in laws, i woke up during the night, not being able to breath, it was like drawing air through a straw, luckily we were 2 mins in a car from a major hospital, anyway a paramedic response arrived within 2 minutes of me bringing the fact i could not breath to my wife, so he arrived gave me a nebulisor, went to hospital, a further two nebulisors, thus why i was shaking like a dog, lol, i live in an x mining village in North Wales and it's that time of year i dread, smoke from coal and other rubbish they care to burn, one lady plastic bottles, i imagine thats carsiogenic, but anyway, i know a nebulisor isn't used daily and is only to be used in an emergency situation, breathing decreasing perahps, so i have just asked for a call back from my doctor to see if i buy a machine will he provide the medicine to put in it, now he's not phoned yet, but i know he will say see the specialised nurse, of which appointments can take three months, so this won't be of much help to me, the fires are lit, and my breathing is going slowly worse daily, the bad weather is on it's way i believe so i will be getting smoked out shortly, Yes i am trying to move localy because i love the area where we are, but a move is really important for my life, i'll come back on very soon and let you know the outcome. my first post as a newbie...

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Welcome fujitsu, I don't have a nebuliser at home but a lot of members do and some have to use them several times a day. The only other thing I know is that unless your doc will supply the nebules there is no point buying a machine, which it seems you already know. Hopefully someone else will be along soon to give you better info. Love your picture, but where did you get a picture of my sitting room?? Lol! :-) Andy

Hello my husband was supplied one by the hospital about three years ago he only uses it during infections etc and it has definitely kept him out of hospital. Good luck TAD xx

Hi and welcome fujitsu. i bought a nebuliser from Ebay for £4.70 plus £4.99 postage. I have used it once or twice and it works fine. It's just an older version than the one they use at my GP's.

My D.I.L has one for my granddaughter, who is 5. She bought it but her Consultant supplies a prescription for whatever goes in it. She suffers with Asthma. Only allowed to give it 5 or 6 times if no improvement straight to A & E.

I use my nebuliser daily. However, using 5 puffs of ventolin into the spacer, can have the same effect as a neb treatment. I've had to do this on occasions when I've forgotten to put in my repeat prescription. Best check with your doctor first.

I purchased a neb but only use it with saline water (on prescription). I use it because it's the only way that I can dislodge the gung from my lungs. It's brilliant for that

push for an appointment as it seems urgent for you to have a nebuliser ... can also have saline nebs (for getting mucus up) as well as bronchodialtors for opening airways. go for it :)

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