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should we have informed dla about oxygen

evening all iv just been reading a few posta on dla etc my hubby get high rate for getting about n low rate care cos cant cook meal . but he been on oxy for a year now started on 2 litres for walking etc and about 7 month ago he was put on it during night he just had a assesment in hospital and we go back in 8 to 12 weeks to see if in goes on active list for transplant . but we avent told dla . to be honest we were waitin to see if we got changed over to pip .should we wait or tell them now x

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You only need to inform DWP if there is a change in circumstance that will effect your present claim.

As the level of care increased?

Do your require more day/night time care?

I would speak to a benefit advisor for your best option.

At present the assessment program is struggling to keep pace.


The way I see it if you have improved in any way then you should tell them. Unless you have a review date? If you are on the higher rate then I do not think that their is any further benefit. However if there is a greater need for care that should be looked at. It is a good idea to speak to someone who has a lot more experience. CAB or AgeUK and not forgetting BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 or email -

I understand that DWP are in a major backlog at the moment so things are running very slow for DLA/PIP

Be Well


You can always mention this in a letter if you feel it should be known. Having oxygen, helps you, but does not change your status as a disabled person.

It's good they should know. If you write to them, keep a copy and keep the date when you send this in. Send this recorded delivery and keep the chit as a proof of sending this, because they might "lose" your info and say they never had it! But you will be able to say when you wrote and the proof of the recorded delivery is official.

I hope you will be on the active list for transplant. Take care of yourself.


thx helingmic x you take care too x


thx stone and offcut . the hospital social worker is helping us x x I feel a big weight has been lifted this past week .and its a comfort knowing theres people like yourselves to help thx again chrissy x x


i' have asked DLA to look at my claim again this will take 11 weeks which is up on 14th December this claim was first put in May and the other day they sent a letter saying they were waiting for more information, the first letter I got saying this I phoned them they said they were waiting for information from my GP they never even contacted.

I would now contact them if I break wind I'm also thinking about saying the next time I phone them that this conversation is being recorded for training purposes


I asked dla to take a re look at my claim has I only got the mobility part and my condition had changed I got my reply and middle rate care within 4 weeks guess that must be a record


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