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Last night I broke some ribs whilst coughing. Very painful. Confined to bed.

Will get posting again as soon a possible

Take care everyone KOTC

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Take care king hope you soon improve

Dorothy xxx

Oh dear me. This is awful, so very painful and hard to breath deeply. Done it myself so I'm very sympathetic. Take it easy, for 6 weeks :(

Oh grief! Painful, I did the same just over a year ago, tho' not coughing but a nasty fall.

Hope you are getting pain management Kotc . . I had codeine phosphate to help me. Getting into a comfy position to sleep is a nightmare, yet alone turning over.

Try and get some exercise eh! I know, difficult, but it will speed recovery. Poor you x x x

xx Ros xx


OMG KOTC, sorry to hear this. This time it is no joke, i have done this myself. Please take it easy ,prayers and best wishes from me to you.BERWICK x


Very best wishes for a speedy recovery, get plenty of rest. Joyce xx

Oh Kingy, what are we to do you with you :'( please stay in bed if you can get comfy, it,s no joke at all having broken ribs,

Wishing you a very speedy recovery, & please give my love to your long suffering wife :P

Karen xxxx

Are you sure it didn't involve your wife and a steam mop Richard? Karen did warn you! Broken rib is excruciating, I hope you feel better very soon xx

Take care and get well soon x

Ouch xx Get repairing my dear.

That's a painful one KOTC hope there will soon be improvement so you can get back posting. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

You sure it wasn't the wife trying to wrap that steam mop round your neck Richard. Get well soon mate, we will miss the jokes.


Oucha!!! 'Them bones, them bones them rib bones'. Rest up king and time will Fix You.



You are in the wars King,hope not to painful a one.I also did that a few years back,not funny.Badger will be working overtime,looking after you,hope a juicy bone,is on the tea list!! xx


Oh get well soon my dear King - you are having a rough time! Take it easy with much love TAD xx

Oh dear, Your Majesty. Painful. Get well soon please, from your loyal subject. xx

Oh King! That must be very painful. I hope the coughing has subsided a bit or you are going to be in agony. You be very careful. I am nursing his Lordship as he is not very well.

Get well soon king broken ribs are so painful hope you can get comfortable and are able to sleep

Take care King. Had broken ribs once, painful, hope never again. Sleep well if you can.

i know how painful it can be just cracking a rib rest up king and hope you get well again soon mate

oh dear, that sounds really painful, hope you have a speedy recovery.

Hi King, Sorry about the ribs, that must be really painful. You take care, and no getting up before you should. Nannyb xxx


Oh, so you're feeling a bit ribby right now! Sorry, absolutely appalling joke. I cracked a rib many years ago (I was in my twenties) and, blimey, I remember how painful it was. It's more than twenty years ago so I forget what I was prescribed for the pain. Think it might have been codeine phospate...??!! Honestly can't remember... but, it definitely helped (as I remember). Get well soon. You need to get back to posting your ludicrous, politically unacceptable (but fantastically positive) postings. Wouldn't dare forward this on to my local Labour Party group! They'd be hugely disapproving. Get Well soon!

Oucher nasty pain KOTC fancy having a bad cough and a broken rib it no good my friend.Hang in there Take good care now :( Janexx

O Dear KOTC I wish you a speedy recovery! did you say you were laughing, its the way you tell 'em I reckon, o you were coughing? never mind, a drop of brandy might help that nasty cough....sending positive thoughts and prayers, gentle hug, hufferpuffer xxx

Oh KOTC you are having a rough time of it. I know how painful every move and breath is, so get your lovely wife to prop you up on lots of pillows, and listen to the radio, and try and rest. Our thoughts are with you xxx.


Sorry to hear that! Hope you are on the mend soon xx

get well soon and best wishes marian xx

Hope you better very soon take of your self

King, I am so sorry you are in pain. Each cough must be excrutiating. Steer clear of anything exuding steam, including the wife. I would send a hug but I know it would hurt. Instead some kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Take care Alison :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I broke ribs whilst on a cruise up the Nile in Egypt. Unfortunately the local doctor's x-ray machine just showed up my bra straps (you wouldn't have that problem would you?) so I didn't get sympathy until I was x-rayed in the UK! However, I had to put the pain killers in a very interesting place and they were fantastic!!!!! You take care of you and don't try and be heroic. Give it time.

Hi King

Sorry to hear about your ribs hope you feel better soon. I really enjoy your posts .

Take care and rest love patty17

hi King, sorry you are in so much pain, get well soon


Sorry to hear that hope it soon heals

Just saw this KOTC, sounds absolutely horrendous. Hope they heal soon and your soon feeling much better! M xx

Hi King, Only just seen your post, must be so painful, many many years ago suffered with cracked rib,could not get comfy at all, just have to rest up and take your pain killers, heres wishing you on the mend soon. take care, Heather.X

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