pulmonary rehabilitation course

Started PRC course on friday and because i am only moderate copd i thought the nurse might say that i am not ready for this yet and send me home has i was a little more fit then most people there in the gym has they were elderly and at severe stage and my doctor told me that i am not ready for a PRC course yet (not ill enough) has he put it.

But the nurse there said it is better to go to a PRC course early stage of copd has there is better more chance that i would look after myself early in the copd stage and to know what excercise to do and to be ecucated by it

It last 7 weeks for 2 hours on 2 days a week so if anyone is thinking of waiting until they get worse by what the nurse said they would prefere if you can get on there course more early in the stage of copd and you only have to do what you can manage to do.

I know most people may already know this but just thought there may be some that dont

Good luck everyone

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  • Morning! The doctor told my husband he wasn't ill enough to go for PR! Two years later the COPD nurse referred him - as a carer I personally think that it is essential to start early. Two reasons the PR is about exercise but is also about knowledge. My husband learned about his condition and this has put him in control of COPD. It also took some fear away of what he was to expect etc. Take care and good luck TAD xx

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation is so important for everyone diagnosed with a lung condition.

    Not to attend one could be detrimental to health.

  • yes your so right blakey but cant beleive why some doctors say that your not ready for this prc course yet has we all need the knowlege about copd has my doctor told me nothing about it just gave me meds no leaflets.

    so when i got home i done the worse thing and googled it and looked on the wrong sites that said what will happen to me in just a year or so.

    i was so scared i thought about ending it before i got to that stage soon.

    just glad i found BLF

    best wishes music

  • that's a bit drastic music, glad you decided against it. I didn't find BLF till after my PR course, it was one of the speakers on my course who was a Regional representative for BLF. Even before the BLF community existed. Its so important to find that support especially in the early days of diagnosis and throughout our illness. Enjoy your Pr course, Best wishes to you too BC.

  • only thought about it blakey im a coward really lol

  • I always thought its a stronger person who sticks it out and live to tell the tale ;) what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I eat lots of weetabix :D

  • I finished course last month. I can do a lot more now than before and would recommend it to anyone. Ive had copd for 9 years and Im severe now. I didnt know about PR until I was hospitalized last year, the respiratory nurse mentioned it. Im sure if I had been on the course perhaps 5 years ago when I was moderate I might not have got to the stage of being in hospital because I would have had knowledge and would certainly have know how look after myself more.

  • Just to add to my reply above I thought I would let you know that I have been for my appointment with the respiratory nurse this afternoon. They measured my sat levels from a blood sample and its a fantastic 96 now as opposed to 92 which it had been before I had been on the PR course. Really pleased with myself,:) One of my problems that I was hunching my shoulders up and breathing from the top of my lungs. Anxiety about not being able to breathe made it worse. With deep breathing and the excerises I have learnt that help to strengthen the diaphragm I don`t get so breathless now.

  • Knowledge is power. Everyone should have the chance to learn more about their disease. It is a real shame that some GPs are not up to speed with this.

  • Hi

    I was the opposite of you very severe lung function 24%.

    I still completed the course.

    Mind you I did revere to it as the torture chamber.

    The important part about PR, is education, to get you in to a routine of doing exercise on a regular basis, in order to benefit you have to continue 2/3 times per week,

    Starting a course early will give you a better willingness to continue, quite often people who are more severe will stop after a few weeks, which nulls the benefit,

    They will give you a home excercise sheet and possibly offer further referrals so you can continue at home or further classes

    Mine was


  • that sounds good has did not know that you would get another chance to go again later on in life.

    thats what i mean about this BLF website and the people on here very helpfull

  • My husband has just finished his second course - apparently in our area once you have completed a course you can self refer after two years by contacting the respiratory nurses directly. TAD xx

  • thanks for this info tadaw thats good to know

  • Hi music, glad you're going to PR. Enjoy and remember that it's beneficial to get breathless. Sometimes people try to protect us from getting breathless - I think that could be because it makes THEM feel uncomfortable, or just that they don't understand.

    "Get Breathless" used to be a BLF slogan a year or so back. Use it or lose it would be a good slogan too. Good luck with it!

    ps: to those who want PR but aren't getting referred - you don't have to wait for PR to start exercising. Just start from where you are and proceed from that point. There are lots of exercise programmes on the net, just be sure to check what is ok for you to do with your GP. And getting a friend, family member etc to do it with you if possible can make it more fun. Or a dog for walking :)

  • My PR course tried to kill me off without success so they have now put me on another course called Lung Smart. It is like an extension to PR but they try even harder to finish you off. The first 16 weeks are free and then you pay £2:50 for each session. I suppose most councils will run something similar so check in your own area. Good luck with it.

    Bobby xx

  • Congratulations, means you're doing good. It'll be hard for them to finish you off :)

    Its Active for Life round our way (East Kent) - they are very good and have BLF accredited trainers taking the classes.

  • ha ha good for you. My trainers were accredited by Attila the Hun. lol. (Lovely people really, just a bit sadistic)

    Bobby xx

  • Just shows - a touch of sadism can work wonders ;)

  • Bargain Bobby! Keep at it :)

  • The lung consultant I saw last week said he is going to reffer me to a course of PR so that will be good x

  • That will be good young Chell. Tell them about your knee though.

    Bobby xxxx

  • I will do Bobby. Xxx

  • Im 63 percent lung function , moderate bronchiectasis ( just on antibiotics /steroids for lower lung infection ) but I swim 3 times a week , never smoked and eat very healthy , still work 35 hours week ( sleep a lot once home mind you , but term time only ) so I declined this course , what exactly does it offer that I don't do already ? Music

  • hi roversally must admit i go to a gym has well but i wanted more knowledge from this course

  • I was diagnosed 10 years ago at the time my GP who was a waste of space I changed 2 years ago November I have never been on one of the courses and I now wonder if my new GP thinks my old GP would of sent me on this, I'm now level 4 severe

  • Perhaps your new doctor does think you have already been on the course but you would think he would have asked you. I would definately find out and get yourself on the course somehow, its well worth it.

  • hi onamission..susieqs is right you should try get on one..ask your gp has i have heard even from people at stage 4 how it has helped them

  • I'm going to ring the nurse tomorrow she is really nice and the last time I saw her she said she was always at the end of a phone if I needed her thank you

  • Hello everyone one thing to remember, is that any exorcise than no exorcise.

  • Sorry any exorcise is better than no exorcise.

  • My doctor referred me but the nurse rang and said she felt I was too well! I told my doctor and he and he has referred me to another course. He also has showed me the exercises best for me which I am doing, admittedly not every day as I should, but gradually building up.

  • Hi , just a quickie before work , anyone in agreance as to what exercises are best for copd sufferers ?

  • Hi Roversally, my specialist recommends brisk walking,cycling and push ups from the kitchen benchtop not the floor, as many as you can manage, and build up, dumb bells exercises to strengthen chest arms and shoulders I use 2.5kg. but test them in the shop. as many as you can manage and build up. Also swimming if available to you.

  • Thanks kad21 ,

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