Hey Im pleased to say that it is 56 days= 2 months since I stopped smoking ! Still cant believe it but i gain strength daily which helps in those moments of "I just gotta have 1 or 20 now" nononono "dont Jane your be gutted really you will" "oh but im so fed up dont wanna be good no more had enough" " go on then roll one " "well you dont have to encourage me do you friends like you--- now piss off!" hahaha do you think I may have lost the plot?? But im still doing it and thats what counts.Wishing you all many successful days,weeks,months and then years!!! for the rest of our happy days. :) :) :) Janexx

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  • well done Jane wonderful

    you are a inspiration to everyone

    trying very hard stop myself

    i will get there

    best wishes and have a lovely week

    Micky xx

  • Hello micky nice to hear from you.Yes you will no shadow of a doubt about that your get there.Kind words Micky thank-you kindly.Keep well be happy and have a great week yourself . :) Janexx

  • That's fantastic Jane a big well done. That's a great saying too I'm going to start using it when I tempted by choco bickies and battered sausages and chips.

  • Hahaha! Mmmm life is like a box of chocolates according to Forrest Gump and it surely is!I think we eat and drink all things as long as its in moderation we know dont we !Fortunately coz my lungs are so damn long, afull tummy,bladder,dreaded wind and bloating all stop me from really pigging out or being greedy as everything squashes and impacts my lungs and breathing so I will never be 40 stone only ever 39 stone lol ,oh god not really,Im not a skiinny minnie could do with loosing a good stone from my tumulumalooloos,.Iam proud ive stopped smoking regardless of my healthy munching oooer my nose is growing! :) Thanx nanaber :) Janexx

  • Cheese straws are now my vice. Well done Jane.

  • Hi Suzy6 yes i like a cheese straw I quite like dipping them in a salsa as well.Do you make your own? a yummy vice me thinks :) Thank-you Janexx

  • Yep. Trouble is my family start on them as soon as they are out of the oven. I've been out and bought ecig refill, cross now, haven't used it for a while. Oh well try again.

  • Well done you have done amazing. Every day you can go without giving in gives your lungs (and the rest of you) a better chance to repair themselves. The body is such a wonderful thing, just a little help and it does wonders.

    Good luck and please carry on you can do it x

  • I am very pleased I do have to admit.My senses are much more sensitive,blood pressure now normal and mentally Im on the up! So a very good game I think :) Janexx

  • Marvellous Jane, you be rightly proud of yourself, you've achieved something amazing in becoming a non-smoker :) :) :)

  • Hello peeg hows you doing? Yes Im made up chuffed to pieces feeeeling good thank-you a very happy bunny Iam. :) Janexx

  • Very, very well done Jane. Stopping smoking is, without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. I could no more imagine me as a non-smoker than fly. But here I am 15 years down the line who doesn't smoke. My grandchildren tell me I smell lovely! My hair smells fresh. I don't cough as much. I have a bit of money in my purse.

    I will never be a non smoker. Instead I will always be a smoker who chooses not to smoke today.

    I battled with nicotine from the first day I lit up. Until I threw in the towel and said OK you win I am not going into the ring again.

    On the odd occasion I fancy a fag, like standing on the Spanish steps in Rome. Where ever single person sits hand in hand with lovers smoking Marlborough. the drug of my choice. I think wouldn't it be lovely. to have a quick drag. The thought soon passes. I'm an addict It would not stop at one drag I would be on twenty a day by the time I flew back home and I would loose all that

    I have gained. No thanks give me fresh air every time. The only sadness is what took me so long?

  • Wow hannahmac15 years you have done brilliantly.I understand what your saying of course if we could turn the clock back we would probably all do it a little differently ! But you have helped your lung health for an extra 15 years how good is that.Be happy with your achievment hannahmac :) Janexx

  • Well done. Knew you could do it.


  • Hello John I trust your keeping well? Thank-you so much.Keep well my friend. :) Janexx

  • Absolutely brilliant - well done xxx

  • Hi Tadaw it is such a good feeling I have to say thankyou how are you and hubby now on new bp meds? take care ,keep well and be happy. :) Janexx

  • i had my last ciggy nearly two years ago when i first became so poorly with c o p d havent looked back so congrats to u it does become easier over time but good for u keep it up hun tk care.

  • Hello there becraftygirl well done to you 2 years eh? and still going great guns cant wait to be able to say the same.Thanx keep well be happy. :) Janexx

  • We all had faith in you Jane. A really shining example to others who are battling the evil weed. x

  • Thank-you so much Toci.I have and still giving every ounce of strength at it and that strengthens every day that passes im very glad to say. :) Janexx

  • I am proud to say it has been 11,137,600 minutes since I last smoked give or take a minute and my doctor now classes me as a non smoker :)

    Why o why do they still smell good when someone lights up :(

  • That is a long, long time!

  • Hi off cut. I gave up about thirty six years ago and I still like the smell when someone lights up. I tried one of my sons a few years ago in an attempt to get him to stop. The taste was really disgusting and it didn't work for my son.

  • Hahaha Offcut your minutes have been a sauce of much laughter today trying to work out your minutes into years mths and days,not the same answer twice one of my friends ended up with a higher number 50000000 lol how i dont know ,someone else said 40yrs I said roughly 15yrs another friend just giggled coz everytime I say Wend Ive got a sum we always run into probs and just giggle mind you we have normally had a little drink!!! Please tell me how long and put us out of our misery? Well done though it sounds very,very impressive its a high number.Yes they do only for that lighting up bit for me coz if its just smoke blowing my way it now makes me cough so .Takecare :) Janexx

  • 21 years and 2 months and growing

  • Fantastic Jane. You should be really proud of yourself. I am very proud to know you! well done! :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi Alison ahh what a nice thing to say.Iam made up with myself never thought I could !But here we are great stuff.Well I really like you Alison too. Ive met some really good peeps here has opened my little world up for sure,I really like that when someone needs everyone seems to know and immediately shoots over to them and buffers and supports how ever they can even if its just letting them know they are here and are concerned even if they dont know the answer! Its just brilliant and how it should be then to throw abit of humour in the mix what more could we ask for! HAppy Days Alison you are a star yourself for sure.keep well and be happy. :) Janexx

  • Ten months for me, taste buds and sense of smell is brilliant, trouble is chocolate now tastes even better lol.

  • Very well done Scars. x

  • Your doing well Scars I absolutely agree with that I can now smell like a sniffer dog! and yum cheese and onion ridges (walkers) are so m mm mmm,Im into mint aeros at the mo too!Keep going havnt we done well haha :) Janexx

  • Excellent Jane you should be soooooooo :) proud of yourself keep up the good,work xxxx

  • Thank-you pamela67 Iam surprised still that Ive come this far which helps me to continue .All very good indeed. :) Janexx

  • A very big well done to Jane and all the others who have given up smoking its the most difficult thing keep it up.

    Offcut I understand you are classed as a none smoker after 5 years ? but however many minuets you break it down to well done

  • onamission you are so right it is a difficult habit to stop and there are many on this site in the throws of stopping ,some thinking about stopping and many who have succeeded in the quest and have stopped now for many many years,Happy easier breathing for us all. :) Janexx

  • We are all ex smokers till our next cig and that's the hard thing I found but I would not like to be in the shoes of someone trying to give up but again to all of you on this site keep up the good work support from ex smokers is better than a none smoker

  • Hi Jane. There are a lot of people on here that has kicked the habit. I think I said before it is one of the hardest things to do. Never! Never try one as it could lead back to have done brilliantly. I bet you feel better for it.

  • Hello Marvary are you and hubby ok and well?Your so right about that I know if I had one Id want 51,much like an alcholic with drinking!I feel loads better mentally aswell as physically still aways to go though.Thanks loads Marvary.Keep well warm and happy. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane. I'm fine. It's the other one who is not. He went down with a bad chest infection yesterday. Doc came today and gave him some steroids and antibiotics to go with the other antibiotics he had given him yesterday. He said he will not send him in hospital yet. I hope he doesn't have to go at all I hate the journey. Thanks for your post. Keep up with the good work. X

  • I just love your sence of hunmour Jane please keep posting it dose my heart good

  • Thanks nanaber we all need one of those makes life a little easier.Case in point today took our David back to A&E!! when we were called in to triage the nurse had the expression of a cold trout was not having a good day me thinks,again we were lucky we sailed straight in so were happy and smiling ,do you know I think she thought we were taking the mick but ofcourse we wernt,she went about doing Davids obs,and I told her that I had sung this A&E praises last sunday on the blfs site,do you know she visably changed from cold trout to a proud happy nurse it was like watching a a flower open up her petals how nice.No one wants cold trout lol :) Janexx

  • No Jane no cold trout please. Another one of your saying that I will use "me thinks" :)

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