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Hi All, I am on another of these sites, British Lung Foundation, so although I know the ropes this is my first appearance here, so hello to all.

I have bronchiectasis and Latent TB. Feeling really ill at the moment ( about 10 days) and trying to hang in till the 3rd Dec' when I see my consultant. I have achy legs and arms, even walking to the bathroom and back is exhausting, my breathing is laboured, cant join in on conversations, making a cup tea and I am out of breath. If I stay in bed and do NOTHING I dont feel too bad, but if i get up for anything, i am wiped out..I have been on 8 lots of antibiotics this year alone, so going the GP will only mean number 9>>Still work part time so that completlely wipes me out,,and i have to go tomorrow as the are just awful, just feeling completely lost and dont know what to do? Any advise? Thanks

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  • Hi Lisa, so sorry to hear you're struggling. I don't have either of those but I know peeps will be along soon who do so will offer better support. I have been in your shoes with endless infections & antibiotics though. Finally, it's Azithromycin that works for me. If I see a different doctor they always try Amoxicillin which I now refuse. I won't go through that again (I hope)!

    Are you able to do deep diaphragm breathing to raise your sats?

    Hopefully you will soon have an antiB that works for you. Keep drinking, stay warm and while you're poorly take it very easy.

    All the best, P

  • I would ring the BLF nurse. Click on the red balloon, above right corner for the phone no. All the best, Annieseed xx

  • Welcome Lisacj so sorry you are feeling so poorly.

    To me you sound like you have a bad lung infection or the flu, I think you need to stay in bed in the warm and drink plenty of fluids, take paracetamol if that is something ok for you to take. Phone your doctors surgery on Monday and request a telephone appointment for that morning day. If your breathing becomes increasingly difficult today, don't hesitate to contact NHS direct.

    Take good care.


  • Wow thanks already for the support. Actually meant to say i was on the PBC foundation site.An autoimmune disease that attacks the bile duct so the bile spils into the liver and causes long term damage. I rest most of the tiem, its either work or bed,, I have a great husband and son, who have taken over nearly all the domestics tasks, the rest we all ignore..Thanks for taking the time to show caring :)

  • Hi Lisa

    I too have bronchiectasis, but don't have any of you other problems. There are quite a few of us on here. I'm glad your family are so supportive. Sending you hugs and best wishes.

  • Hi Lisa and welcome.

    Really sorry you are struggling. Really not surprised - you sound to have lots to deal with. I can understand you wanting to hang on 'till your appointment on 3rd as in some ways it doesn't seem far away, but feeling as you do it must seem ages away. If you don't want to see GP, perhaps you could 'phone consultant's sec. to see if cons can fit you in this week - then he can see you at your worst.

    As Annie says it might be an idea to 'phone BLF for some advice.

    I also have bronch along with other health issues and it really is a pain.

    Hope things improve for you soon hun. Let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • That sounds miserable for you - I am sorry. I can only agree with what others say - please ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise. The 3rd sounds a long time to wait when you are feeling so poorly. I wish you a speedy recovery with love TAD xx

  • Hi Lisacj a warm welcome and good to meet you we are a friendly bunch here. I know you seem to have had more than your fair share of antibiotics if you dont what might the consequences be I really think you need to see the doc though and take more antibiotics if necessary and then you can sort things with cons when you see them,you really dont need to cause anymore damage to yer poor old lungs eh?keep as well as you can stay warm drink plenty and keep smiling. :) Janexx

  • Welcome Lisa, I have bronchiectatis due to having TB when I was 14yrs old, they said I was cured until it reared its head two years ago, but for many years I have not always been able to take a deep breath now I know why.


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