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Hi All, No change in my employment situation H.R. still dealing with it my union and Senior Management are also involved. My Rheumy support team have let me down again I am 3 stone overweight mostly due to Steroids and I am getting a bit concerned about this 4 weeks ago the Rheumy nurse said she would arrange some sessions in the Hydro pool next week as I am on holiday. I spent most of yesterday trying to get through on various lines that I was told would be answered between 08am till 4pm guess what, I am trying Dall05 Tony diet plan which at the time I thought was a bit drastic to starve oneself, I am doing the same with the help of pineapple and water, I am also in the Gym 4 times a day walking 2.5 miles each time and beating the time before, I have to do something I don’t know if 3 stone overweight is Obese it certainly looks like it my waist up from 34” to 40” my neck from 16” to 19” I am down to 10mgs Steroids because I am nearly pain free for how long I don’t know, Fran is watching me in fact made me eat a small meal last night.Matt/Fran

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Matt, you have all my sympathy with your weight gain. I think you need to talk to your GP about what you are doing, exercising diet and so on. Andrew Marr (BBC) had a massive stroke while exercising, and was off sick for months. Just a thought!

Hi Annie Thank you, Already asked him for help or advice because it was his fault I was on a high level of Steroids in fact 80mgs a day at one time, it looks like I will have to do it myself down to the sports center for a swim well more of a float. Matt

Good for you Matt. The trick is not to let yourself get hungry. Eat 5 smaller meals per day and make them very tasty not bland so you get bored. Have plenty of snacks like raw carrot to nibble on. Drink lots of water.

I did something similar to Tony starting Feb 2012 and lost 22lbs by giving up sugar and fat on the Dukan. Loads of chunky veg soup after the initial few days on first phase.

It's only an idea. I wish you all the best. Good luck. P

ps my brother in law keeps his RA in check by cutting out acid and sugar xx

I am wishing you good results Matt

My fitness advisor told me that to keep the metabolism high in order to achieve fat burn, always ensure you never go hungry, in fact she said its good to have a healthy snack between meals to help with this. Fitness instructors will tell you, if working out regularly you will need small amounts of protein to help build muscle, strong muscles help burn fat more effectively as well as helping us breathe more efficiently. Protein is good to have after work out. Always remember to drink plenty of water during exercise to avoid dehydration.

As we have a lung condition we will not require the amounts of protein an athlete would so what I am inclined to do is drink almond milk (very little calories), scoop humus on a cracker (high in protein), if workout just before lunch eat an egg or have a ham salad for lunch etc


Lastly the body can't work efficiently without good fuel so food is essential, just eat less of it, but enough to enable you to achieve a good work out.

Best wishes BC

Hi BC Thank You, Oh Ah forgot what was that again, A lung problem? Matt

explain the question?

Hi Matt as the people above say you must eat in order to loose weight sounds chinese doesnt it lol but it works really it does,also if you have your food on a smaller plate a little bit of deception most of us eat bigger portions than we need ,try not to snack in between meals or maybe have some raw veggie sticks with a humus dip or cottage cheese .A normal healthy diet with smaller portioning and exercise will work honest it will.Happy slimming and exercising matt. :) Janexx

a GUINNESS diet sounds good to me Fran thinks otherwise typical. Matt

I would soon sign up to that one if it worked! x

Sympathies mattcass i lost 3 stone before i stopped smoking and put 21 lbs on in 4wks . Now im well back walking hills and wrking and eating healthy and cant shift a pound . If u find the secret let me know good luck .:-)

sounds like your on a continua's ride I gave up smoking and put loads of weight on I also think smoking masks pain and the more weight the more pain I felt. I took one day at a time the hydro pool helped me it is very hard and I wish you all the very best winter is when we all feel hungry

Some good advice here Matt.Good luck with it all.Eat sensibly,a few small healthy meals,in the day,with lots of water,& of course the exercise,you will see the results! Hydro pool,great idea,good luck, xxx

I woudl suggest a good calorie controlled diet. If you are exercising remember that if you are on a calorie controlled diet that you should eat at least half of the calories gained exercising because its the food that fuels your exercise. Try myfitnesspal or weightlossresources on line to look at what you should be eating to lose weight and to count your calories. Remember with steroids that the reason you put on weight is that they tell you you are hungry rather than make you hungry - I am currently tryign to lose my steroid weight and will admit its stickier than normal fat! I really wouldn't suggest a particualr diet - just a calorie counted balanced diet. We are all poorly enough without depriving ourselves of vital vitamins and minerals despite what they all tell us.

Good luck


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