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Hi Everyone, well it's all over and done with - I went to the dentist and there was no real problem thanks to a little white tablet from my doctor and a very kind and sympathetic dentist. I've also been back to Papworth for a follow up on my nebulized saline and was given a different mouthpiece and they changed my machine and things are now speeded up - I've come to the conclusion that it was the mouthpiece with the blue lid that was the problem and that's why it was taking me so long to nebulize. I've read several posts about people who can't sleep, well I'm the same and I find it really frustrating to be tired and want to go to bed to sleep and just can't, maybe one day I'll find a solution. Hope you are all keeping as well as can be expected. Cheerio, Skinnylizzy.

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  • H i Skinnylizzy how good is that then excellent news.Thumbs up for the little white tablet eh :) and avery nice dentist makes a difference and costs nothing to be nice and understanding!Now your mouth piece sorted.Good to hear positive outcomes for you Skinnylizzy. :) Janexx

  • Good to hear from you glad all went well at dentist TAD xx

  • Hi skinnylizzy. I am the worlds worst for sleeping. Saying that I have now had a few that have been ok. I've not been going to bed until 12.30 - 1.00 am. And I find I can go off better by doing that. I get up about 8.00 - 8.30 am. When I have bad nights I can be awake till 3.00 am or 4.00. I am so tired when I get up the next day I feel like I am floating. I've definitely been better since I go to bed later and I stick to the same time. If I can't sleep I sometimes get up and have a cup of tea and a biscuit. That sometimes sends me off. Hope that may help.

  • So glad it all went well thank goodness! I find if i can't sleep,I get up & iron,or clean a cupboard out,then only too thankful to have some zzzzs! xxx

  • Thanks Wendells, I've done that to try to get some sleep, it's better in the summer of course. Take care. Lizzy

  • Thanks to everyone for their replies and their helpful suggestions. Take care everyone in the expected bad weather. Regards Lizzy.

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