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i broke ribs just over a week ago ,wen for xray last friday doctor confirmed fractured ribs addvise on pain killer then sent on my way

monday receive phone cal from a doctor saying see something abnormal on xray and would like to arange ct,scan

i explained that i see respitory doctor at another hospital on 3 monthly checkups

asks if i would like to get ct,scan done there ,i said yes as i know the doctor i deal with there

after that gets another phne call from respitory doctor telling that the other doctor has been intouch so will get a letter soon about day for ct,scan same day my gp phoned me about being at hospital for broken ribs and will leave me a prescription for pain killer

i asked him about abnormal thing on xray he did not know about any abnormilality

broken ribs on right hand side adnormal xray left hand side no pain feels ok

,got letter today ct,scan 27th

so worried a bit would have been ok until 3 doctors in 1 day call me and one tells me he never new about this

my mind is wondering


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I can see why you may worry but look at it another way. You have medics who care enough to chase things up and you are being given tests to ensure you receive the best treatments. Don't go looking for trouble. It will find you when it has to! x


I can understand why you might be worried such confusion! My advise don't worry it will achieve nothing just make you feel ill!! Wait for the scan and let us know how it goes. Try to have a good weekend TAD xx

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Don't worry Billy. Take TAD's advise.Something may have been found it is being acted upon quickly. As my Son says quicker found quicker sorted. It may yet be nothing.

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Hi billy sorry you not been well all good advice tho and at least one doc knows what is doing and as to be a good thing

Cheers all the best :)

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I am hoping all will go well for you Billy with the CT scan and so hope those ribs will soon be healing.

I know its difficult but try not to worry, hopefully the docs between them will have sorted it out, as has been said its good they are checking things out.

Keep in touch and know we are all thinking of you.

Take good care of yourself, keep warm and stay as relaxed as you can.

Best wishes BC

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