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Up Date Berwick

Berwick AKA Graeme got one days reprieve yesterday, my respiratory nurse called yesterday asking why my GP wants to talk to her so I gave her the message. My GP wanted to speak to her and ask her whether or not he was doing the right thing by keeping me out of hospital and put me on steroids instead.

She wants me on another weeks steroids dropping from 8 a day to 4 and 4th week of antibiotics.

I was supposed to be charity raising on Wednesday for the World COPD day at the local hospital only to be told by Kath that the only way that I will be at the Royal Glam on Wednesday would be in a hospital bed. Well that was me told. Would I go against Kath, Never and I mean that one. Now got an appointment to see my Doc on Tuesday. How do I feel well I feel like my two dogs bloody RUFF. If I feel like this on Tuesday Kath is going to get her wish

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Good morning Berwick, cold one here, take care. Sound as if you have a lovely respiratory nurse. Be good take your meds. Keep warm and positive.

Thanks Suzy, Yes I have a good Respiratory Nurse I have been with her for quite a few years and she knows me well, probably too well.. Very drab here in Wales today and I aint going nowhere. Have a good weekend. Berwick xx

Just as well you do as Kath tells you Graeme. Hope the steroids and the abs have you fighting fit soon and able to go back to your charity work. M xx

Thanks M, sees just as bad as my wife knows me inside out, cannot get away with nothing. Graeme x

Take care Berwick a hospital bed is the last place you would want to be

Thanks Silversurfer, trying my damndest to keep out of there, I am allergic to hospitals .Berwick xx

Oh dear Graeme, not good news. I'm sure you're really disappointed about missing the meet on Wednesday but very glad you're doing what your told. A bouquet to your wife for keeping you in line.

You and KOTC had better take care and do what your better halves tell you!

All the best, Pen

They certainly should. My day wouldn't be complete without their contributions on here.

How true Suzy. Berwick xxx

Thanks Penn, this is Sunday and I feel like i am doing something in the wind. Feel like going backwards instead of forwards. I try to do as I am told by my wife. Honestly I am a doctor a millionaire and a bloody good liar.I am 6ft tall and 16 stone+ and as my son says dad mum is only 2 stone when she is wet and she can still put the fear of god in me. Berwick

Hope by then the medication will be working for you. Stay positive. I'm sure you will be seeing an improvement by then. Keep warm and drink plenty. Take care.

Stay inside, keep warm, take the medicine and listen to the wife. Then you will Get Well Soon. xx

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Thanks Toci after 42 years of married bliss I do listen to my wife, but it is hard to stop it going in one ear and out of the other. Thanks. Berwickxxx

Keep yourself cozy and do very little! Hope you feel much better soon with much love TAD xx

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Hi Tad, doing my damndest to get better at the moment I am going backwards in stead of forwards. Berwick xx

Sorry your not well Berwick this is no good both our comedians in their sick beds.Keep taking the pills and hope you get better very soon.Janexx

Hi Jane and thanks, unfortunately today is Sunday and I feel worse that ever, apart from the chest infect it is like a very bad cold on top of that. LOTC is going to be back sooner than me I afraid . At least you will get a good laugh again. Hope that you and your son are feeling a bit better too Graeme xxx

It s just as well your wife has got you used to doing as you are told. Well done with your reprieve. Keep it up berwick. I look forward to hearing that you are much better. :-) :-) Alison

Thanks Alison, don't believe that I always do as my wife tells me. If suggest something if I get the look of death and the silent answer, forget it I do not do it. After 42 years a married bliss she knows what I am like. Today is Sunday and I am afraid at the moment I feel worse that previous days. Alison it is like a very bad chest infection with a bad cold on top, never had anything like this one. Thanks again. Graeme xxx

Wishing you all the best Berwick, Rest sleep as much as you can, really hoping you will feel bit better in the morning.Xx

Thanks June, it's Tuesday that I am worried about. If I feel the way that I am feeling just now there is a bed waiting on me. Berwick xxx

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