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some information that will help copd people

hi guys and gals im 51 years old and have severe copd caused by smoking I was diagnosed in 2001 and don't work. I have read through some comments and thought id tell you what I do to breath better. There is a herb called coltsfoot (google it) I have been taking it for years and years I get a huge pan that holds like ten litres or more and throw in 4 teabags and a handful of dried coltsfoot leaves and bring it to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes or so.

This herb helps to cough up all the bad stuff and help open airways, and believe it or not it can even be smoked to give relief. I also use a lung expander I bought one on the net for like 25 dollars it looks like a mouthguard and you can decide how hard to breath through it as it has adjustment on it to restrict the flow, this is basically a lung exerciser and deep sea divers and sports people use it to make there lungs stronger etc.

Also I read in some comments that some were worried about to much ventolin use, well look at it this way its better to breath and stay alive than not use it and be 6 feet under, just use the ventolin when you need it and try not to get in to the habbit of having it even if you don't need it. Preventers are the most important seretide, Spiriva etc

and anyone with asthma or emphysema should be taking preventers if your not change doctors because they don't know what there talking about. Another thing I do is a nebuliser I don't like spacers at all and if you are having a attack the last thing you want to do is fumble around with a spacer, when you can put a mask on and just sit back and relax

keep your meals small and eat 5 times a day and take a mulit vitamin every day and exercise as much as you can

I hope this can help you guys feel free to copy and paste it in other areas

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oh I forgot when the big pan of coltsfoot is cool I put it in jugs in the fridge and pour it in a mug and reheat in the micro wave, its actually not to bad to drink cold alone or with some lemon and ice cubes

thank you alternate remedies are very important, and are being investigated slowly, but there is no way they can patent the results and so it is not profitable such a shame, when often they are less toxic than the patent stuff

thank you for sharing that I for one will try it


Yes, alternative remedies have a lot going for them. but i don't think its a good idea to suggest smoking coltsfoot as smoke of any kind has particulate matter in it and can damage the lungs. If smoking it were a way to wean people off smoking cigs, then yes, it would be masses better than smoking nicotine and tar, but otherwise far better to avoid all kinds of smoke.

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hi yep your right I should have left that bit out about smoking it, actually I didn't really mean to get people to smoke it I was just commenting what it can do etc, I have smoked it and it did help but yeah I suggest just the tea method thanks for picking me up on that part I should have left it out cheers

Ive smoked it too (and a lot more besides ;) ) It had quite a nice taste as i remember. I like your tip re drinking it with lemon, hot or cold, a good all-rounder :)

Inhaling anything higher than your body temperature is not good for any lungs.


Great advise xx

Evening Pedrosky, Thanks for the information, I have got a friend who is a qualified herbalist, I'll ask her for some, and give it a try. I too have a spacer and hate it, will ask about a nebuliser. Thanks again nannyb xx

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