Oxygen users

I have been on ambulatory oxygen for about 8 weeks now and shortly after receiving it I had a visit from the West Midlands Fire Service to do a home check and install 2 new smoke alarms one on the landing and one in the hall.

Today I received another letter from them so I phoned only to be told they want to come back because there are new rules and each room where oxygen is either stored or used needs to have a smoke alarm so they are coming out on Saturday.

polly xx

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I store mine in the shed Polly, with a warning sign on the outside. I already had smoke alarms in every room in the house when I had my fire check. I used to have to give estimates to put fire damage right and I certainly learned my lesson. My smoke alarms are checked without fail every two weeks. Fire is a horrible thing, especially when boosted with oxygen.

Bobby xx

Hi Bobby, I fully understand why, and am not complaining, just posted to let people know.

polly xx

Sorry Polly, just read my reply and it looks like I was preaching a bit. Sorry again.

Bobby xxx

thanks both for reminding us all how important smoke alarms are - even if not on oxygen xx

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