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hello i need some advice about my son ,he suffers from low heart rate and o2 levels while asleep heart has been below 33 and o2 in the 70,s

the docs dont seam to help as one of the sleep tests he had didnt show anything ,he was on a noisy busy ward and didnt get into a deep sleep,ive been taking photos of the readings on his monitor to prove it ,how low does his levels need to be before he needs to be on oxygen as i got told that as it sometimes only happens for 5 mins he will be ok without ,but sometimes it can go on for much longer he is only 5 and im getting very worried about this

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This must be so exhausting for you to stay awake through the night and I am sure you will want to spend time with your son through the day too. I wonder if your son has been diagnosed with a lung condition if he has or this is uncertain please phone the BLf helpline, click on the red balloon top right.

Other than than I can only suggest you ask for a referral to a paediatrician for your son. You may want to insist on that.

Best wishes to you and your son.



I would agree with BC and give blf a call or email are very good

Hope things improve cheers al the best


im exhausted up most of the night and working to support my children during the day. im under a peadiatrician at the mo but as the test they did didnt show anything they dont seem that botherd even got told it was the monitor was faulty it is a hospital provided one and when i had an ambulance sat there readings were the same ,im not the sort to make this up why would anyone ,im just getting desperate and lack of sleep doesnt help .im even going to video his monitor at night just to prove it now.thanks for your help


make a formal complaint that the hospital may be using faulty monitors on paitents, that's just not acceptable if they are faulty. If they are not you have a good case to bring this before the medical board for hospital negligence. But do speak with the helpline to try and establish what is safe concerning the duration and frequency of low 02 saturations and heartbeat while a child is sleeping. I am sure there must be some information on-line concerning these details too, and I am sure the age of a child will have some bearing on what is normal heart rates and safe 02 saturations for a 5 year old whilst sleeping.

Best wishes BC

PS try to get yourself enough sleep too, it will help you get to the bottom of what is right or wrong about this.


A think she should ring your local PALS complants take for ever you need somthing doing now and make good whitneses

Am sure if you ring them things will be back on track

Cheers all the best

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Oh my lord that is so awful my heart goes out to you. I am sat here wondering what I might do and I would agree with Blakeyc to ring the blf helpline on Monday who will be able to give you definitive answers. I am sorry I can't my husband is an old man! And I only know a little about Copd!

Please try to get some sleep you must be weary. Take good care. Please let us know how you get on. Lots of love TAD xx


I so do understand my granddaughter is 5 in January and is in and out of ICU nearly everything month with Asthma. Her 02 levels mostly drop to the 80's when she is asleep. Will ask my D.I.L. tomorrow if they ever fall lower and her heart rate. You can buy a children's Oxymeter to put on a finger to get your own readings. Ours cost about £40 but a worthwhile expense. Take care of yourself and your little one xx


thank you everyone ,i have a oxygen and pulse monitor provided by the hospital,dont think i was very clear on my post ,i dont think the hospital monitor was faulty that i have but every time i go to my gp and ask for help they just say that the monitor must be faulty and not to rely on electrical equipment ,without it how are we ment to take readings i wonder,ive been in touch with blf they gave me some advice so thank you to them to


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