We had a visit from The District Nurse on Tuesday when my Husband was at The Hospice. They told our house Manager that they didn't think we went out. We live in a block of Retirement apartments. I phoned the Health centre to explain and I also said we do go out but were told to keep away from the germs in the Health Centre. Anyway the Practice Nurse said the Doctor was thinking of coming to see him. I said we would be away yesterday for the scan. We thought we had better stay in today as I think they may call. It will give me a good excuse to do the housework, wrap some presents, brandy my four cakes I have made for Christmas and any other little jobs I probably will find. His Lordship can sit and do nothing.oh I forgot maybe write out my Christmas cards as I think I may have to get a couple more. You all have a good day. I probably will sleep well tonight if I do it all. X

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  • Sounds like a busy,but happy day ahead! xxx

  • Hi wendells, I enjoyed the wedding photo's now your an expert with getting them on this site and was pleased to see all went we'll apart from your blip with the breathing. Have you all recovered now.

  • Your as bad as me Mavis, I only get busy with the housework when I know somebody is visiting. These days I am the house husband as the whole family works now. Don't be tempted to sample the brandy as you finish the cakes off will you. :)

    Try not to let his lordship sit around too much as with our lung condition it pays to keep on the move and get those lungs working. I find that's the way to clear the mucus which lessens the chance of infection and will improve his breathing too.

    Good luck with the scan results and your GP visit.

    Tony x

  • Thanks Tony. You have a good day. Mavis

  • Thanks Mavis, I'll try to avoid housework if possible although the mountain of washing is beginning to block out the light coming in and getting it all dry is a nightmare this time of year. It seems a woma** oops! a mans work is never done.

    3 years ago I never dreamed this would happen to me as I was a very busy motor mechanic happy in his work. Oh well nothing ever stay's the same does it and I'm still useful in a different way now. :)

    I still have 2 days a week back at the garage training my son as an apprentice mechanic. I have the knowledge but not the lungs to do the physical stuff these days.

    I miss the money but not the early mornings, this morning I stayed in bed until 8.30 and enjoyed it. I think I'm going to fill my oxygen, dress up and see how far I can walk up the Malverns this morning as it looks quite nice out.

    Tony x

  • Hi Tony. We never get up till 8.00 or 9.00am. Mike goes to bed 10.00- 11.00pm. I go about 12.30 - 1.00am. I can't drop off so I go later. He doesn't get up till between 8.00 or 9.00 the same as me. I don't need the sleep that he does. Have you not thought of getting a tumble dryer to dry your washing. I couldn't do without ours. You can wash dry and put away in one day. I don't expect there is much you can't dry in one. You don't want to be hanging it out in the cold. I loved my job as well but don't miss it now as I am always so busy or going out. You enjoy your walk on The Malverns. I bet it is lovely this time of the year.

  • Hi Mavary, it sounds as if you are going to be kept busy. It is a pain sometimes having to wait in for people but not too bad if you can keep busy and it is cold outside. I am going with Pete today when he has to have an injection in his spine (ouch!) for a terrible, ongoing back problem. We all just hope it works for him. Fingers crossed! You take care. Love, Carole xxxx

  • Hi Carole. That's funny. My Husband has a very bad back. He has two crushed vertebrae. One was when we went on a cruise. The day after we got on board he was in agony. Mind you it didn't help that we were in The Bay Of Biscay and we had 30 foot waves. Anyway he was down at the ships Drs twice a day and we were on the cruise for 10 days. It cost three thousand something dollars. Which was about two thousand seven hundred pounds. Good job we were insured. Anyway I hope the injection works for him. They can't do anything for my Husbands back. He has Osteoporosis that despite having treatment for is progressing. You take care and have a good day.

  • Morning Mavarey - hope you get all those jobs done! You will sleep tonight! Hope the doctor does call today. I have a "lordship" who cant sit and do nothing - it can be a little irritating! Enjoy your day. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi Tad. It can be irritating the other way as it is mostly Cowboys or Detectives which is fine sometimes but not all the time. xx

  • If any of you fine ladies don't have enough to do I would be happy for one of you to come and wait on me. I am abandoned each day while my wife goes to work. It really is hard for me. I even have to make my own cups of tea. It is truly shocking.

    Love to all, Bobby xxx

  • Oh you poor thing! Do you have to wash up your cup as well. I would willingly come and wait on you but by the time I have finished what I have to do my hands are down to the bones. I'm sorry but you will have to struggle on. You take care and have a good day.

  • Hi Bobby, I would love to wait on you hand and foot but I think Martyn would miss all the nagging! Are you OK? I like to see you around. Alison :-) :-) :-)

  • Hiya Alison. It's nice to see that one lady has good taste. I would hate to deprive Martyn of his nagging, us men get used to it. I am fine, I just don't get in as much as I used to but I slip in from time to time to make sure everyone is behaving. lol. I hope you are well too.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • Thanks Mavary you have inspired me to start my Christmas preparations

  • Christmas? bah humbug :)

    bev x

  • Hi. Hypercat. Why Bah Humbug.

  • Have an enjoyable Day Mavis.


  • Thanks Blakey.

  • The story of my life 'Waiting'


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