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I have only been out of bed for a few hours and now I am going back, feel rotten again

Apologies to members that I have not replied to. That was yesterday and today I have been ordered to STAY in bed,Just crept out to send you this note


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Really sorry, King, that you are feeling so bad. Stay in bed, fluids ++ and long suffering wife can stroke your fevered brow. And get better really soon xx

Get back to bed Your Majesty. x

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Get well soon, cannot have 2 of us down. Berwick

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Get well soon sorry to hear you are so ill. Your poor wife !!!!! Take care missing your posts TAD xx

Get Very Well soon King you will be much missed, but no popping back until you are fighting fit again please, be a good lad for your lovely wife,

Karen xxxx

Hi King, Sorry that your not well, Hope your better soon. And back putting a smile on all our faces. Take care. Nannyb xxx

Hope you bounce back soon, you are missed. Joyce xx

Take care king thinking of you


Oh no, king. Please get better soon. I'm going to have to laugh at the dog! Miss you. Alison:-) :-) :-) :-)

Sorry to hear your not feeling so good. Get well soon king xx

All the very best and get well asap - although we'll miss you, you must take your time, drink plenty, stay warm and get the doc in, Peeg xxx

So sorry to hear that your a proper poorly person KOTC..Stay snuggled and follow your nurses instructions,get well soon my friend.:) Janexx

Take good care of yourself King. Stay warm and comfy.

This place just isn't the same without you. You take care of you.

Oh King,no creeping out,listen to your lovely wife!!

Stay in bed,with badger at your side!

Big hugs & love to you all xxx

Hi king, sorry to hear your not too good. I know it's hard being stuck in bed but, we all know sometimes you just have to give in. Rest sleep and get well soon. Love June xx

Take all the time that you need to get well King, much as we all miss your daily tonic, your health must come first !

Stay in bed and hope you feel better. Ask Father Christmas for a tablet - computer not the type we all take! You can then stay in bed and enjoy the site!

Judith x

Get well soon stay in bed until you are really better. God Bless

As well as giving us laughter you give us good advice too Kotc. So stay in bed and rest, we'll just have to re-read your old jokes until your well enough to get going again. xx

Hi KOTC, Sorry to hear your not feeling well as i said to Berwick we are all big and ugly enough to cope till your up and about, Matt/Fran

I'm very new to the forum and miss you too King, you had better do as your told, have some rest and get yourself fit again ready for your fans.

Thinking of you KOTC and wishing you all the best. Be a good patient now, that's an order! Love, Carole xxxx :)

Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good King. I hope a good rest, warmth, plenty of drinks help you to improve. xxx

Sorry you are not so good. We know you will be back when you are ready. Don't worry about sending to us. You just concentrate on getting better.

take care and get well soon - we all miss you xxx

Hope you are feeling better today x

Hi King sorry you are poorly, get well soon, many people on this site know that you have a serious side and a funny side, get well soon


So sorry to hear that you are a poorly puppy King,curl up in your blankets and count the sheep,then wake well rested from a really good sleep! Hope you'll be bouncing around again very soon ,all the best AL

wishing you a speedy recovery my friend. Regards malk.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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