Whole milk

To the people who lose weight too quickly because of lung problems.

They say that breathing muscles in COPD use ten times more energy than the normal person.

I was thinking what is the best way to increase my weight. I drink whole milk (hot chocolate, in cereals).

I surfed the net to know about diet for COPD (and bronchiectasis). I came with an astonishing leaflet. (PDF)

Here's the link:


it's sponsored by Nutricia LTD, but they don't name their product in the leaflet. but it is COPD education that publishes this. so I htink it is useful advice.

It comforts me in the fact that I can drink whole milk!

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  • Hi

    This was mentioned at my PR class.

    Providing you are are not a Diabetic ?

    Health eating is fine when your are at the top of the hill.

    When you are at the bottom, you have to prioritise, to increase you energy and protein levels high fat foods are fine.

    The link is a very good leaflet full of information.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Helingmic for the leaflet. Have read and bookmarked the page for future reference.

  • Good to hear from you all. I guess the supermarkets are going to see us all looting the high calories counter! :-)

    When I speak to people and say, I've got a weight problem, they usually think, oh overweight. Not many know what to do if you are underweight!

  • Hi Heligmic, Nutricia make Complan. I am desperate to put on weight and have nutritional drinks prescribed, similar to complan but not as nice! I use whole milk on everything now and have started eating mixed nuts and dried fruit, a few handfuls a day - and one of the things I still enjoy. So am getting extra fat, protein, carbs, minerals and vitamins without even noticing! I swear it's easier to lose weight than put it on! Will be reading the leaflet later, thank you! Sadie xxx

  • Sadie, I am not over fond of nuts. that's because when I was little, my mum would try me to have those big things (noix de Grenoble) which you had to use a nutcracker for. then there was a bitter skin around the nut and my mum didn't bother about this! But i found it too bitter. An Indian lady made us discover cashew nuts. I found some non salted ones. I am hooked on those!

    Good for you Sadie!

  • helingmic, do you stir powdered milk into the milk you put on your cereals? It adds more calories as it enriches the milk.

  • I had never come across this idea. i can certainly try. I find that pure whole milk is quite rich. The advantage of powdered milk is it contains iron and Vit D on top. I shall keep this in mind. Thanks.

  • I've been told I've got to lost weight and it is not going well. oh well not much I can do about it esp now the winter months are here I will need the padding hehe

  • yes, chllshock, keep the padding for the winter! It's all very well to lose weight, but indeed, as mentioned before, those with lung problems use more energy (whether in winter or summer) . I too would like to increase my padding a nit. I didn't expect to be ill in October, and I have lost weight.

    Keep it until the spring!

  • I'm 3 stone overweight, my BMI is far too high, but with RA and everything I can't do much about it. I stay as active as I can, but like you chellshock winter makes it more difficult.

  • As you say poemgalore, you are you. people come out with the "You must ..." and just trot out statistics. We are not statistics, we are living individuals! We are not machines, we are much better!

  • I add soya protein powder to porridge, mashed potato, smoothies and many other things. I have gain a stone since January.

  • I bought some whey powder 2 years ago. My GP thought it was cheaper to buy steaks! I have followed her advice as I thoguht whey tasted rather disgusting!

  • I agree doesn't taste too good. but I'm vegetarian and so desperately wanted to put on weight. It has been worth it.

  • Thanks for the link very interesting and it mentions powered milk so my dietician was right. Xx

  • Use protein and energy bars as well as full fat Greek yogurt, which is also easy to eat. Fruit and nut based deserts like oatmeal raisin cookies and Fig Newton bars. Nuts and trail mix are also good as is mashed white and sweet potatoes.

  • Addition to my suggestions. Get the more expensive ice cream made from cream or whole milk. Haagen Daz here in the states has great flavors like pineapple coconut and vanilla Swiss almond. I stock up when they are on sale.

  • If you are trying to gain a little weight avocado pears are good each one is nearly 500 calories. Also adding beans or lentils to casseroles will increase the protein element. Adding a dash of cream to deserts or custard. have 6 small meals rather than 3 big ones. good old mayo in sandwiches lovely. Make coffee with milk rather than water. In the summer you can make milkshakes yummy! Christmas is comming plenty of goodies there. just keep grazing!! good luck.

  • hopetorun, thanks for your fun advice, it sounds really good. My grass is very tall! There are even flowers, dandelion type, I know one can eat them (I tried once to eat the leaves and I tried nettles, prickly to cut without your hands being attacked! But full of vitamins, and fresh from the field!).

    Another suggestion is mushrooms. I don't go to the woods any more, but I do like them.

  • Thanks for all the ideas I have managed to put on 2 lbs but it took me months...I thought it was the constant coughing that used a lot of energy, I never thought that the overused breathing muscles added to the problem.

    I get fed up of people commenting on my thinness...I would never dream of saying someone was overweight...just have to grin and bear it..

  • People seemed to delight in telling me how thin I had become. It hurts doesn't it. Like you I would never tell anyone they were getting fat. I'm happy now back to 8st 2lb from 6st 12lb. Good luck knitter keep trying.

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