Back from the Docs

Just came back, managed to stay out of hospital for a few days, doc has put me on steroids and a different lot of antibiotics. If not worked by I will try anything once, it was very much a close shave steroids or hospital, Doc chose steroids thank you Doc. He knows how much I hate hospitals. Lot of noise and gurgling in both lungs Dam Berwick xxxx

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  • Well I now have my fingers crossed that these steroids work. Take good care and look after yourself. With lots of love and best wishes for a speedy recovery TAD xx

  • Appreciate d TAD, thanks. Berwick x

  • Hi Berwick Sit back give the steroids a chance to work and hopefully you will be a bit better on Monday, Remember Doc Knows Best. See you Monday. Matt

  • Cheers Matt. Berwick

  • Hi Berwick thats the way to do it.Heres hoping monday will be a different better storey. Janexx

  • Thanks Jane. Berwick xxx

  • Take it easy and keep warm, hopefully with rest the steroids will work, hope it works out for you

  • Thank you, no choice but to put the feet up. Berwick

  • Get better soon Berwick. Angie. xx

  • Go for anything that makes you feel better. Husband is going into hosp for the first time, and true, it is only a blood transfusion, but I see the signs of reluctance. Me, been a nurse and a patient, not a big problem but I like a corner bed = quieter hopefully.

  • Thank you Annie, best of luck with hubby,hope all goes well, hugs. Berwick xxx

  • Thanks, Berwick x

  • Good luck for hubby, annieseed. Alison :-) :-)

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours also Annie. xx

  • Get well soon Berwick! M x

  • Thanks M, working on that . Berwick xxx

  • Hope the steroids work soon Berwick. Don't want you in hospital this close to Christmas.xx

  • That's the way my luck goes. Thanks. Berwick xxx

  • Nice one thanks. Oh how true. Berwick xxx

  • I will pray for you and wish you and and wish you all the best

  • Thank you. Berwick

  • Hope the steroids kick in really quickly. Thinking of you berwick. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • Thanks Alison, Monday is not far around the corner. Berwick. xxxxxx

  • Thinking of you, and wishing you a speedy recovery. Nannyb xxx

  • Thanks NannyB. Berwick xxx

  • Sorry to hear you are so poorly. I hope the steroids help. Drink plenty and keep warm.

  • Thanks Mavary I will do my best.. Berwick

  • Rest, keep warm and let the steroids do their job. (((HUGS))) xx

  • Thanks Toci, it's friday now I know how my two dogs feel RUFF. Berwickxxx

  • manuca honey with ginger and lemon cordial ... brilliant :) hope you better very soon.

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