H.R. Called New Company Wont Employ Me. Matt

Hi All, Just had a call from my H.R. saying the company were sad to say that they could not employ me on medical grounds other words me being off sick long term and they having to pay me. Then H.R. asked me if there was anything in the medical report that differed from my interview, I told them what the GP had said about the transplant, H.R. will get back to me. Matt

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You are not having a great day Matt. I can only offer you sympathy. I am sorry Matt but don't let the b...rs let you down! With love and every best wish TAD xx

Hi TAD thank You. The day is not yet over I'm sure all will be OK. Matt

Matt, I am sorry but that "sucks" how many employees work from home. I think that a trip to Citizens advice comes to. note. Very sorry my old friend. I know its hard but keep the chin up. Try the disability act. Berwick

Cheers Berwick, I've got that many double chins i don't know what one to keep up, Honest getting so fed up with being Mr Blobby I'm pushing myself 3 times a day in the Gym 2 mile on the treadmill each time and i will do what Dall05 Tony did basically starve myself or a fluid diet, GUINNESS sounds good today think i deserve one. You have one for me steroid that is. Matt

Hi Matt, sorry to hear that, here's hoping for a good outcome. Sadie xx

hi Sadie Thank You there always light at the end of the tunnel. Matt

Hi Matt, NOW is the time to consult your union or CAB (or both). Don't agree to anything before taking advice. xx

Hi Toci, H.R. know me very well, A full stop out of place in any procedure documents and i highlight for them it get's to them and it's normally me that's saving someones job now it's my turn I think it will be

alright in the end. Thanks Matt

I am with you, mattcass, all the way. I will join everyone in sending you all the best - love Annieseed x

All the best Mat for a good result. Thinking of you, Peeg

Sorry to hear your frustrating news hope things do get better for you soon. you are such an inspiration to all of us here. Best wishes Tx

Oh matt, what tricky whatnots these people can be. I hope you have the strength to fight them and win. good luck, Alison

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